Leaves on the Wind Vol 2: No Power In The 'Verse Can Stop Me


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Five original songs inspired by the second five episodes of Firefly: 1. Goodnight Kiss (Ep. 6: Our Mrs. Reynolds) 2. The True Story of the Hero of Canton (Ep. 7: Jaynestown) 3. Miracle (Ep. 8: Out of Gas) 4. Open the Door (Ep. 9: Ariel) 5. Apples and Knives (Ep. 10: War Stories)

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A portion of the proceeds from all Leaves on the Wind sales goes to support Equality Now!
Equality Now works to end violence and discrimination against girls and women around the world. For over twenty years they have worked to end legal discrimination  and sexual violence against women as well as female genital mutilation and human trafficking.

Here's Joss Whedon to tell you a little bit more about why the work that Equality Now does is so important.

Press highlights

The Fallen Stars, a Huntington Beach-based Americana band featuring husband-and-wife Bobbo Byrnes (vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Tracy Byrnes (vocals, bass) have been busy setting the series’ Old West-meets-cosmos mythology to music. The band has followed up 2013’s “Leaves On the Wind, Vol. 1: Still Flying” with the newly-released “Vol. 2: No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Me.” 

Each song is based on an episode of “Firefly,” with episodes 6-10 celebrated on the new EP. It’s not surprising that every track is a gemstone, with the tender mandolin-anchored “Goodnight Kiss,” rollicking “Miracle” and wistful “Open the Door” among the tracks blending top-tier musical song craft and lyrical ties to Joss Whedon’s enduring tour de force.

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