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Inspired by Firefly episode 10: War Stories, wherein Zoe tries to reconcile her life as a soldier with the demands of her marriage. Written by The Fallen Stars.


Who am I?
A soldier in a fight?
A good man’s wife?
Apples and knives

Walk in unarmed and make an offer.
There’s a certain code of honor
And I carry enough for two.
Now you want me to choose.
Like you’re another Shan Yu.

Love, honor, obey, well which is it?
It’s a suicide mission
And we just might lose it all.
But I won’t let you fall.
Got our backs up against the wall.

Who am I?
I’m a soldier in a fight.
I’m a good man’s wife.
I’m apples and knives.

No power in the ‘verse can stop me,
I’m gonna get my man.
Now you see who I really am.

I’m apples and knives.
I’m a soldier in a fight.
And I’m a good man’s wife.