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July 4, 2018 

Remaining Dates

July 4, 2018 
Alte Fauerwashen, Achim, DE 

July 6, 2018 
Syker Vorwerk, Syker, DE 

July 7, 2018 
Crazy Festival, Bremen, DE 

July 8, 2018 
Crazy Festival, Bremen, DE 

July 10, 2018 
Hafen Casino, Bremen, DE 

July 11, 2018 
Iberotel Hotel, Boltenhagen, DE 

July 12, 2018 
Tillman Hahns Gasthaus, Kuhlungsborn, DE 

July 13, 2018 
Kino Hotel Meyer, Hersefeld, DE 

July 14, 2018 
Eve Luth Daniels, Lavelsloh, DE 

July 16, 2018 
Heimathklange, Bremen, DE 

July 18 
Hot Jazz Club, Munster, DE 


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Upcoming Shows

July 16, 2018
Heimathklange, Bremen, DE

July 18
Hot Jazz Club, Munster, DE

July 19
Litfass Oldenburg, DE

July 21
Haus am Walde, Bremen, DE

July 22
Eiscafe Dante, Horneburg, DE

July 23
25 Music, Hannover, DE
Kulturpalast, Hannover, DE

July 24
Kirchengemeinke, Grossefehn, DE

July 27
Shakespeare Pub, Herdecke, DE

July 28
Prinz Willy, Kiel, DE

July 29
Breminale, Bremen, DE

August 3
Local Bar, Vienna, Austria

August 4 
House Concert, Vienna, Austria

August 10
OC Super Fair, Costa Mesa, CA

August 14
Matt Dennys Ale House, Arcadia, CA

August 25
Tony's Deli, Anaheim, CA

September 6
Outlaws of Folk, Alta Coffee, Newport Beach, CA

September 19
Beatnik Bandito Music Emporium, Santa Ana, CA

September 27
Flagstaff, AZ

September 28
Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe, NM

September 29
House Concert, Austin, TX

October 11
An Tain, Boston, MA

October 13
Warp & Weft, Lowell, MA

December 2018

Want to hear my new album?  Click the pic and go listen!

Want to hear my new album? Click the pic and go listen!

"At that point, however, opener "Angelia" hits everything: that is pure Mellencamp-in-a-pondering-town: how things are going in the US today: everyone and everything seems to be divided and nobody is sure of anything, except for your own Big Equal. Someone had to say it clearly and that is what Bobbo Byrnes does, albeit that this record is absolutely not a political pamphlet. No, this is particularly good, sturdy, contemporary Americana, particularly suitable for long, preferably nocturnal, car journeys!"

Nice Things People Have Said About Me

"The Best Kick-Ass Heartbreakin’ Alt. Country Rock LA Has To Offer." ~ Rocking Magpie

"Follows the musical storytelling tradition of Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and Gram Parsons." ~

“Bobbo writes deeply affecting material and it is delivered with an authenticity that is exhilarating. Even on disc, his blend of roots, rock, country, folk and pop is delivered with the wallop of The Clash” ~ Orange County Register

"While Byrnes has his own strong artistic voice (which includes his stellar skills on guitar, mandolin and keyboards), his songs and passion will appeal to fans of Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Dawes and John Mellencamp. That is some good company to be sure." ~ Rock'n'Roll Truth

“The whole thing is held together by the unobtrusive singing of the sympathetic artist, who feels comfortable with this multi-faceted mixture of country rock, and roots. Singer / Songwriter-Americana, who does not need a Plan B.” ~ Country Jukebox (translated from German)

“Hold Me' betrays an incredible sense of empathy within its lamentful leanings - Bobbo Byrnes has a sure sense of today's misplaced sensibilities and offers an ingenius remedy.” ~ The Akademia "Americana Song of the Month" July 2017.

"Bobbo Byrnes is becoming one of the hardest working musicians in the Americana community, and his first solo album is further proof of his abilities.  Motel Americana is a definite Get It if you love great music."  ~ LA Music Critic

"I really enjoyed the new album by Bobbo Byrnes, the charm of his voice on these catching melodies that give the feeling that we already know all these good songs... A very efficient country rock album... The perfect disc for the coming summer... I will air tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, 10...
Merci"  ~ Radio ISA, FM France.

"The multi-faceted voice and the skillful guitar playing of the musician provide for a lot of variety and take the listeners from the beginning with the journey. Time added, with the Bottleneck: Byrnes only uses effects when they are really necessary, otherwise his guitar is enough. Or rather, his guitars, because the singer-songwriter always drags several." ~ NWZOnline  (translated from the German)


Gear and Endorsements


I'm notoriously hard on equipment so when I find something that works great and lasts ~ I stick with it. Here's a few of those things:









Bearfoot FX

I'm partial to the Model G, Honey B and especially the Baby Pink Booster.  My search for overdrive and clean boost ended the day I found these. Thank you Donner for always taking such great care of me! If you like my tone - this is how I got there.





I tour with ZT Amplifiers all over Europe. I was in a pinch on tour as the amp that I had at the time (Not ZT) died and I messaged them and they sent me an amp the next day. These little amps are amazing workhorses and I have used it ever since. I play electric guitar through it, acoustic and we have even played bass through this tiny little 200 watt Lunchbox. Thanks Michael!

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Me on Cape Cod.  Pic by John DeSalvo.

Me on Cape Cod. Pic by John DeSalvo.

Booking & Contact

Label: Songs & Whispers
Publishing: Budde Music
Booking U.S.A -
Booking Europe - Julia at Songs&Whispers 

MANAGEMENT and all other inquiries:
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Other Stuff

Beyond all the rocking and rolling we try to give back and use the power of rock for good and change in this world. To that end we have partnered with a few charities that are doing amazing work all over the world. If you happen to find yourself looking for a place to donate to - please think of them.

Quilts for Empowerment

I have to admit that I didn't even know what obstetric fistula was before my aunt Mary Ann explained what a debilitating condition it was in developing nations. QFE is a non-profit that my aunt started up that helps women in Kenya with obstetric fistula. Teaches the women life skills and quilting - and they sell the quilts on their site. We have become a partner with Quilts through our benefit concert in Portland, OR and are just in awe of the work that they do.  Visit their website and you too could own a quilt made by women in Kenya.

Equality Now

We got involved with Equality Now through our Leaves on the Wind Music Project which is music inspired by the tv show Firefly. That show was written by Joss Whedon and they have screenings of the movie Serenity and raise money for EN, we have become a global sponsor of this great charity whose mission is to "achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.

Harbor Homes

Bob & Hilary Keating are friends of mine in southern New Hampshire and they have been working with Harbor Homes for decades now to end homelessness in southern New Hampshire. How they maintain the stamina for this work is amazing to me but persevere.  There are currently NO homeless veterans in southern New Hampshire. We organize an annual concert in Milford, NH to support Harbor Homes. Our next event is Oct 13, 2018.