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Bobbo Byrnes is a storytelling singer/songwriter, a throwback to a bygone era of mix tapes and AM Gold. In true Springsteen-ian fashion, he took up guitar to find himself, and because it made him look cool. 

He is a true follower of the Kerouac philosophy of hitchhiking and storytelling. He's been singing and strumming most of his life and these days he's inspired by a Brene' Brown Tedtalk, a Calvin Coolidge quote about persistence, a sixteen word poem about a wheelbarrow, and a PBS documentary on country music.
“It only takes a cursory listen to ‘Two Sides To This Town’ to recognize the fact that an important and essential new artist has indeed arrived.”

~Goldmine Magazine 2019 

The Bobbo Society For The Arts & Letters

November 15, 2020 

Hey all!  

I've got a new page started for my "release a new song every 15th of the month" thing. I started with MTA and we'll see where it goes from there. If I release an album next year that will be 5 albums in 5 years. I really want to make that happen. So far I've titled it "So many bars, so many Saturday nights."

It's here

Upcoming Shows

Currently only playing Livestream shows from our living room. My facebook page is - It is a public page so anyone can watch. 

These tours are still booked but I don't know if they are going to happen now because of the coronavirus. Stay safe everyone.

April 15-27
West Coast Tour
Specifics TBA Feb 1

Sept 5-Oct 24
European Tour
Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, France
Specifics TBA




Want to hear my new album?  Click the pic and go listen!

Want to hear my new album? Click the pic and go listen!

"At that point, however, opener "Angelia" hits everything: that is pure Mellencamp-in-a-pondering-town: how things are going in the US today: everyone and everything seems to be divided and nobody is sure of anything, except for your own Big Equal. Someone had to say it clearly and that is what Bobbo Byrnes does, albeit that this record is absolutely not a political pamphlet. No, this is particularly good, sturdy, contemporary Americana, particularly suitable for long, preferably nocturnal, car journeys!"