Wednesday, April 27

Hey folks! 

so we are back east for a couple of show this week and would love to see you .* 

We also have our picture disc records in !!  If you go to the "store" page of our website you can get them there or from us at a show. 

since I am writing this email on my phone I will be brief: 

thursday, April 28 
Zorbas music hall 
Market St, Lowell, MA 
with Kevin Stevenson (from the shoes) and Melvern Taylor and his fabulous meltones.  
show starts at 8 

friday, April 29 
market st, Lowell , MA 
7 pm show.  

Saturday, April 30 
the Pasta Loft 
Milford , NH 
with Russell Hill.  9 pm.  

These me are our only New England area shows for a while 

oh and if you're in New England - be sure to pick up a Metronome Magazine as there is a cover story on us! 

And here's a link to a new review of our "New Coastline" album: 

That's all I have today! 

thanks for hanging with us! 

Bobbo, Tracy, Ben, and Brandon (and Matt and Jimmy) 

*I was dreaming when I wrote this so sue me if I go astray 

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