Update Aug 14

Hey, so I got a message from someone today saying "You guys haven't been doing much lately."
I took this to mean that I was being lazy.  And, I suppose in the way of email correspondence that can be true.  

But here's the thing.  We've actually been doing a lot! 

We started recording an EP of songs* and all of a sudden we had like 12 songs tracked for it.  And then we wrote a few more...

AND we're way into the second  Leaves on the Wind CD.  We just worked out the second to last song for that disc.  

Oh, and we leave a month from tomorrow for a six week tour of Europe.  

AND our Riddle & The Stars album AND Heart Like Mine JUST got released in Europe on August 1st.** and getting nice reviews too!  Like this one.  We're even getting word that we're going to be in the European Rolling Stone!***  Yep, dual release.  I did mention that we're now signed to the German record label Songs & Whispers right?  

So, yeah.  We haven't been doing much lately.  

This Saturday is our last SoCal band show until November.  And it's a totally fun free one.

Saturday, August 16
Vintage Surfari Wagons "Friends of Summer" party
​Show Page HereShow Page Here
760 Newton Way
Costa Mesa, CA
6 pm

We're playing two sets.  The first set we will be joined by our friends Matt and Geo on mandolin and violin, respectively, for a stripped down acoustic-y set.   Brandon will be all brushes and snare and then the second set he'll hop on back on the kit, I'll put on a telecaster and we'll rock into the evening.   Word is they have an awesome Taco Truck coming for the night and a screening of The California Surf Project on the big screen/winnebago. 

Totally fun night.  All ages and starts at 6 pm.  

Then next week I'm doing a rare solo show at Sam Ash in Westminster where I'll be playing some of the new songs from our Riddle & The Stars album as well as our upcoming release.  

Thursday, August 21
Sam Ash Music Store
Beach Blvd
Westminster, CA
7 pm ~ Free!

So that's about it I guess.  

Come hang out this week or next. 

OH!  And the free song today?  You may remember our song "Massachusetts", well - it's been floating around in many different versions.  The Riddle & The Stars version got compared to Peter, Paul & Mary.**** But we had been kicking around this version for a while and forgot all about it.  Brandon laid down some awesome drums and our buddy Rami played some beautiful B3 organ on it.  And I'm pretty sure this is my favorite song we've ever written and I really love this version.   

Ok, that's it for now.  

Have a great rest of your week and if you get a second - stop over and see our Facebook page here.

Thanks for hanging with us and see you all soon!

Bobbo, Tracy, Brandon (and sometimes Ben, Geo & Matt)
The Fallen Stars
Riddle & The Stars

*EP meaning "extended play".  It's lingo left over from the last century when discussing records.  Typically EP's would have about 5 songs.
**And it's on iTunes now as well here:  iTunes
***This is technically true.  

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