Some fun pics from our tour

This is from Haus Am Walde.  Our second show of the tour.

Sometimes we drank schnapps.

And there was a Bosendorfer!!  

We never got good at parking this car.  And for the record - the GPS in this Ford sucked.  We were three weeks in before we realized it was set on "Scenic Route".  We're wondering why it had us getting off the Autobahn and driving through these tiny roads (and sometimes non-roads!)

This is Ben making cookies in the middle of the night.  He has the McGyver like ability to make food out of next to no ingredients.  It's amazing to watch.

We had our own trailer.  That's right.  Trailers.  

Here's Ross & Jess from Rufus Coates.  If you could hear this picture - it would scare you.

Gummi Bears are now part of my tour rider.  

Lots of people liked us at Breminale.  

There was a cake-off.  Here Ben is sizing up the two entries.  Ellie smiles because her cake is awesome.  (Not pictured: Mona Li - her cake was excellent even without the bananas!)

Tracy, Aireene & Jess.  It's too bad we had to fly out the next morning, this night may still be going on somewhere.  No one danced on the pole at the Heartbreak Hotel but shots were shared and we promised to see each other again.  This means we have to go to Ireland!

Dave (from ODi) and I fight over the backstage drugs.  We're old.  Fighting over the Sudafed.  #notcoolanymore

You'd think with a name like "Burgerhaus" they would be good.  BUT NO!!  Just more crap hamburgers.  Seriously, no one in Germany can make a decent hamburger.  Well, maybe Tobi Grimm but I haven't tasted first hand.

I love this picture.  Finally eating together.  Jess finally got decent schnitzel, John got his potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, Aireene somehow ordered off the children's menu and we were all almost late for the gig.

There is no possible way something like this can be going on WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING - and not get completely distracted by it.  Yes, he built that tower out of plastic soda carriers and climbed it while he was building it.  Apparently, this is a thing.

This place was serious about sitting down to pee.  Even the guy on the left has his hat on backwards showing just what kind of guy stands up to pee.  I didn't have a hat on but I stood.  

Sometimes we had help making our setlists:  "Play that one, that one, that one...PLAY ALL OF THEM!"  Danke.

And Windy came by with his homemade jam for us.  Thank you!

We actually played in this cathedral, it dated back to the year 1028 and was massive.  There was like 500 people in here later on.  Ben called it a "church".  About 6 people corrected me afterward "This is not a church, it's a Cathedral."  Me: "I didn't say it - it was Ben!"

Tracy, Ben, Aireene and Heiko.  Dinner somewhere.

And then there's ice cream.

Over 77 hours spent driving and about 3000 miles.  

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