Show updates for first week of October

This is just a quick note, no really it is quick.  With all this government shut-down stuff, I have to conserve how many characters I use.*

We are playing tonight in Newport Beach, Saturday in Carpinteria, Sunday in Pasa Robles and then Morro Bay.  It's a busy week.**

Thursday, Oct 3
Outlaws of Folk Series*** 
Alta Coffee, 31st St. Newport Beach
w/ Michael Ubaldini

Saturday, Oct 5****
The Avocado Festival
Carpinteria, CA 
1 pm - Seal Stage

Sunday, Oct 6
Songwriters at Play at Sculpterra Winery
Pasa Robles
3 pm

Sunday, Oct 6
The Otter Rock
Morro Bay, CA
6-9 pm

All shows are free.  

And next week we will be re-releasing our first two cds and they will be available with bonus tracks and everything.  Such awesome good stuff.

Also sending a shout out to my birthday twin Emma from The Potential Lunatics.  

Further down the road:

Saturday, Oct 12
Comic Book Hideout
Fullerton, CA
Free and awesome.

More fun news coming soon.


Bobbo, Tracy, Chad (and a revolving cast of hooligans)
The Fallen Stars

*maybe twitter is better for this.
**Not even going to make another 'shut-down' joke.
***This weeks free song is "Outlaws & Angels" because of the Outlaws of Folk series.  I am wicked clever.
****also known as "Birth of Bobbo Day".

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