Sept 8, 2015


Ok, enough with the all caps.   Hope you had an awesome long weekend.  We sure did!  We drove the 200 miles round trip to play at Fandomverse up in Lancaster and it went so well they have asked us to be a part of Whedonopolis in May!*  And then today we went whale watching and saw a blue whale!

It looked like this.**

This is the exciting news this week: 

We have made the finals in 3 different categories of the OC Weekly's 2015 Reader's Poll!!  It's a popularity contest so I am asking you to stop by their website and give us a vote.  It's easy, painless and thank you in advance.  

Here's the website:

Here's what we're up for:

Best Indie Band:  Riddle & The Stars
Best Rock Band:  The Fallen Stars
Best Live Band:    The Fallen Stars

Thanks for throwing us a vote!  Plus you can also vote for your favorite DJ, taco, dive bar...  

We also have 2 shows this week:

Tuesday, Sept 8
Matt Denny's Ale House
Arcadia, CA
We're playing the Songwriter Serenade Birthday Jam with a bunch of other folks.  
Details here.

Saturday, Sept 12
Westin Mission HIlls
Palm Desert, CA
All night, All us, All free.

What else?  Well, then we have two shows in New England.  Sadly we're not getting to Vermont*** but we will be playing:

Thursday, Sept 24
The Last Safe & Deposit
Lowell, Ma
with our awesome friends The Farewells.****

Friday, Sept 25
The Pasta Loft
Milford, NH
Event Page Here.
The Fallen Stars will be opening up for The Gypsy Mechanics.  It's the GM's 20th anniversary show celebrating the release of their first cd "Friendliest Place in Town".  I was a member of the GM's for about 100 years***** and this will be a special night with 2 returning drummers of Kris and Jimmy and a full night of fun.  Also - "Friendliest Place in Town" just made it's way to iTunes for the first time ever and it's got bonus tracks including our earlier demos, all in all $9.99 is pretty cheap for 27 songs.  Yes, 27 songs.  If you're on Apple Tunes, give it a listen.  

That's all I got for today.  

As always, thanks for hanging with us.

Bobbo, Tracy (and Brandon, Matt and in NH - Jimmy!)
Riddle & The Stars
The Fallen Stars
Oh, and our Instagram page is TheFallenStarsBand
Follow us on

*Whedonopolis is like the nerd disneyland.  Wait, that's ComicCon...  Ok, well this is like if ComicCon wasn't all corporate and in San Diego and...
**Actual picture from today.
***Sorry Syd!  Next time!
****If you don't know the Farewells then you're missing out.  Peter and Samantha sing gorgeous songs and play amazing guitar.  Request "Lovesick", Peter actually played it at our wedding!
*****Give or take a zero.

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