Sally Starr, RIP

Truthfully I didn't know who Sally Starr was until my friend Speedy Gray penned some lyrics for a song we were working on.  I immediately was drawn to the name and the words just sang out to me and I turned it into the chorus of a song.  More research about her led to an understanding of her legend in the Delaware Valley and how she was the first female top rated DJ, worked in movies and children's shows.  

Her catch phrase "I hope you feel as good as you look 'cause you sure look good to your gal Sal" was so great that we paraphrased it into the bridge of the song "I hope you feel as good as you look, 'cause you sure look good to me."

The Fallen Stars send love and peace out to Sally's family.  The song is about navigating the entertainment industry and looking for help and reaching out to Sally Starr as someone to be the guiding starr as she was for so many people.

Right now, you can download the song for free.  Please enjoy. 

Article on NJ 105 and her Wikipedia page.


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