October 23, 2015


It's been quiet around here huh?  Just because I haven't been in your inbox doesn't mean we haven't been doing nothing.*

We are taking a bit of a break from live shows over November/December but we have one show next week.  Here's the scoop:

Monday, Oct 26
Americana Mondays at Beatnik Bandito
417 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA
with Echo Sparks and Doug Schmude
8ish pm - $5

Echo Sparks have been putting on these great shows on Monday nights - it's an awesome listening room and just overall a great time.  We're excited to be part of it.  

We'll be doing this set-up: 

We've been rehearsing with Brandon on a stripped down kit and me on a lot of acoustic (and a little bit of electric) and the dynamics that we've been able to get have been really cool.  Come hear for yourself!

If you can't make it to the show - you can sit at home and watch the whole thing on Periscope Live!  Go here and log in - we'll be doing a lot of Periscoping** in the future.  You can find us at twitter.com/thefallenstars for periscope.

What else is going on?  Well we're planning some touring for the spring, going up the West coast, the Southwest and the Northeast.  We've also been scheduling our return to Europe for fall of 2016.  

We also had a really fun week of going to shows.  We saw the Foo Fighters last weekend and got to hang with our buddy Rami Jaffee***backstage and had a crazy rock star moment yesterday when we had backstage passes for Slash after his show.**** and we snapped this pic:  You forget what a monster on guitar he is.  

So come on out Monday night and hang with us, we promise a good time and all.***** 


Bobbo, Tracy & Brandon
The Fallen Stars

*love the double negative.
**new verb!
***He plays keyboards in the Foos and has also appeared on our last 3 cds.  
****Slash's Dad is a fan of us.  No really! It's awesome weird.  Slash said to us "My Dad really loves your band."
*****Slash will not be performing with us.  
******I will stop talking about Slash now.  We're just kind of freaked that he knew who we were.  Ok done.  NOW. 

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