New Record Deal, New Firefly Video, Two shows aaaannd a free song.

So record deal. Yep. It's happening. And no, this isn't like the record deal where you get 8 cds for a penny,* this one is kind of real. Ninety Three Records** is re-releasing our first two albums "found & lost" and "where the road bends". Now, I know what you're saying ~ "Bobbo, I already have those albums!" Yeah, that may be the case but these new releases will have bonus, unreleased songs. There's a couple of alternate take songs, a couple of demo versions and a couple that just didn't fit thematically at the time. There's one of them in this email.*** This is our starting point together and we'll see where it leads us.

Do you do a cd release for re-releasing your own albums? Hmmm. Must consult the manual on that one.


Tracy has been slaving away at the computer cutting and slicing and nudging and closed captioning our latest Firefly video. It's for the song "Stronger Then Steel" (which you may have heard last week!) You can watch it here.

From Tracy: "The video for Stronger Than Steel is ready and this is my favorite one yet! While writing this song I could see the images I wanted to pull from the Shindig episode so clearly - Kaylee with the strawberries, Inara with the sword, the dancing and the chandelier at the ball - it was great to be able to sync them all up to the lyrics the way I've been seeing it in my head!"

The CD Release for the Firefly EP Leaves on the Wind Vol. 1: Still Flying is taking place on Saturday, Sept 21 at the Starplex Woodbridge Cinema in Irvine. It's being hosted by The California Browncoats and info is here. It's a benefit for Equality Now which is dedicated to ending violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world. We think the latest song "Stronger Than Steel" ties in well with that mission statement.

So we've been rehearsing with our new drummer Chad for our big rock festival show on Saturday, we've been rehearsing with the Leaves on the Wind Band of Matt on cajon, Geo on violin, Matt (different Matt!) on mandolin and Tracy and I for the Firefly release and tonight we have an acoustic duo show. Our heads are just swimming in music!!

This weeks shows:

Thursday, Sept 5th
601 Bar and Grill
601 S. Raymond Ave
Fullerton, CA
Also playing: Our friends Heather Stewart, Chris Ferguson and Paul Hines!
8 PM and Free!
and dig this Yelp coupon for food there!

Saturday, Sept 7th
Big Horn Music Festival
Mt. Baldy, CA
We are on at like 1 pm but it's a big Americana, Roots Rock Festival that is going to be awesome! Plus our friend Alice Wallace is playing too! It's a big camping out and everything type of event.****

Down the road:

Thurs Oct 3
Outlaws of Folk
Alta Coffee
Newport Beach, CA

Sat, Oct 5
Avocado Festival
Carpinteria, CA
and we are on their compilation album!

Then the end of October, our Australian tourmate Ben Riddle is coming to SoCal and we're recording an album together!

That is all for now. We're planning on sleeping sometime soon, I hope.

Thanks for hanging with us.

Bobbo, Tracy & Chad
The Fallen Stars

*I used to love those!
**We got wined and dined! Well, a glass of wine and some tasty mushrooms at Sol Grill.
***It's an alternate take of the song "Lies Like These". This is the only time I can give one of these ones away! I always liked this version and I had forgotten all about it. I think we didn't use it because it was a little too polished sounding. Let me know if you like it. The crazy thing is - I don't even know who is playing piano on it!
****I'm really hoping someone has a big beach ball bouncing around. I love festivals with beach balls.

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