May 15, 2015

I meant to send this sooner but we've been holed up in the studio trying to finish some new songs and will hopefully have some new music to share very soon.

Saturday, May 16
Sam Ash Music Store 
Cerritos, CA
3 pm - free - all ages

Saturday, May 16
Hillside Village Concerts
2357 N. Indiana Ave., Los Angeles, CA
7-10 pm
Free (donations appreciated)

These are both going to be really fun shows and I must say we're really excited forSaturday nights show as it gets us doing one of our favorite things - intimate house concerts. We do a ton of these in Europe and they are so much fun. We just got back from Arizona where we played a house concert for the 4th year in a row and it keeps growing every year - we had 70 people at that one! We did one in Portland in November and we'll be back at Sal's place in August for the 4th year in a row. House concerts are the thing of the future. 

Plus we have another house concert coming up in June in Irvine.  I'm telling you. It's the thing all the cool kids are doing.

Ok, got to run.  Heading back to the studio to finish up a few songs.  Really excited about this stuff!  We wrote one recently called "nothing needs to be said" that I'm just really digging. It's one of those story songs that came out of reading too much Raymond Carver*.  


Bobbo, Tracy & Brandon
The Fallen Stars

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