March 9 Update 

Hey folks!

Just letting you know 2 musical things, ok, maybe 3.

1) The video for our new Firefly song "Miracle" is done but is currently being blocked by Fox Television.  It's amazing, we're promoting their show and they're trying to stop that.  Anyway, we've experienced this before and it should be released shortly.  Don't want to count chickens but hopefully soon.  It's cool.  If you'd like to hear the song sans video - it's on our Browncoats page and somewhere in this blog post. 

2) We were in the studio today recording.  Started tracks on 2 new songs and 1 older song of ours that we've re-imagined.   We're planning on having at least the one done by St. Patrick's Day as it's our Irish song "Pour Me A Whiskey".  We were playing it in rehearsal the other day and rocked it up a bit and it sounded like The Fallen Pogues!  So much fun.

3) We're playing at Father's Pub in Santa Ana this coming Saturday March 14th and we had a reactionary rehearsal the other night.  A lot of our recent things have been acoustic and quiet... So we turned up the amps and made a good racket!  This week's show is going to rock!  Hope you can make it.

Happy Monday! (cue song "Step On")

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