March 10, 2017

Hey!  So this one is kind of last minute.  I've been so busy prepping that I forgot to send out an email blast about our show this weekend.  And before I forget - thank you so much for hanging out with us, following along with us and coming to shows - not only that but you had very neat handwriting that allowed us to put your email on our mailing list - that in itself is to be commended. 

Saturday, March 11 
Beach Hut Deli 
19025 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach,CA 
7 pm - Jack Blake 
8 pm - The Fallen Stars 
9 pm - Phil Cody 

Fun night of music, all free and all ages.  Easy as cake.  Piece of pie.* 

I also have a solo show on: 

Tuesday, March 14 
Sam Ash Music Store 
14200 Beach Blvd, Westminster, CA 
This show starts at 7:30 and will also feature Doug Schmude who has a new album out.** 

As some of you may know - I'm a bit of a guitar geek.  Well I've taken that to a whole new level and started the website ***  It's where I do gear reviews, touring and performing tips as well as recording info.  It's quite fun and a bit interactive as well - so if you play guitar or love guitars or know someone who does, surf on over there. 

And lots of touring stuff going on. 

Saturday, April 22 we will be back at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.  Tickets for that available here. 

The first weekend in May we will be back in Arizona - The Raven Cafe in Prescott on Friday, May 5, Tucson Folk Festival on Saturday, May 6 and then the Mashie Road House Concert on Sunday May 7. 

Then we will be playing our Firefly inspired music as part of Whedonopolis in Woodland Hills, CA on May 20.  Hopefully having the last cd done in time for that! 

Then we'll be gone a while in Europe.  My first solo show will be in Cornwall UK on May 25th and doing almost 2 weeks in the UK before heading to Germany for another month of shows and Tracy meets up with me there.  If you are in Europe and looking to book us - please email me here and we can make that happen. 

After Europe we will be on the east coast for most of August, well mostly Massachusetts and doing some shows there as well.  So if you're in New England - now is the time to let me know you want to book something.  Might be doing some shows back there with Phil Cody, Russell Hill and The Farewells! 

And then in November we will be heading up the west coast with stops in San Francisco, Berkeley and Portland. 

Then we hibernate in December. 

It's still March but it's never to early to plan this stuff! 

Ok, that's it for now. 

Talk to you soon, 

Bobbo, Tracy, Brandon, Matt (and sometimes Ben and Julian) 
The Fallen Stars 
oh, and dig the new Bobbo solo website at 

*I've been mixing up that saying ever since I saw the movie 2010 Space Odyssey and now I can't put it right. 
**And he just got a review that said; "You might like if you enjoy: John Mellencamp's '80s albums, The Fallen Stars, the Old 97's"  Ha!  He got compared to us!  Be sure to give him a hard time about that. 
***The name comes from the warning I would put on my facebook posts about guitars so that people who didn't care about guitar stuff could just scroll by.

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