Making holes in walls and mixing albums


So we finished the album we recorded with Ben Riddle.  We're calling our musical venture "Riddle & The Stars".  Get it?  Yes, yes, we are very clever ~ we took his last name and Stars from our name...  It was better than Fallen Ben!!  Ha, that just occured to me now.

Anyway.  It is all recorded, I finished the mixing this past week at home.  At  home?  Yep.  The album we did together was the last thing to be recorded at our studio before we had to leave.*  So I set up the desk and speakers and everything and finished mixing it at home.  We've been playing little bits for friends and they all say it's the best thing we've done ~ so we are really excited to release it.  But it's still going to take a little bit because we are at the point where we're out of money!  So we started a Pozible campaign to help with that.  We'd love it if you wanted to chip in.  Here's the link to that campaign:  

And today we moved into our new studio space, it's just a couple walls and concrete floor right now but soon it will be nice.  We have the help of my inlaws here and we put a door in today.  Putting doors in is hard!  

That's all for today.  


*Why did we have to leave?  Well, our landlord lost his lease.  It's a very long and boring story.

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