July 21, 2016

I got a bunch of stuff going right now.  OH, wait - BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out and saw us at the OC Fair.  That was way fun.  It was interesting, Tracy Brandon and I hadn't played a long set in a while and night one had some cobwebs, night two was pretty rocking and by night three we felt like we were on fire!* 

First the showy type things: 

Thursday, July 21 
Bobbo Solo Show 
The Pint House 
7-9 pm with Allen Morris and Gardners Logic 

Friday, July 22 
The OC Fair 
Bobbo Solo Show 
1 pm 

This is me gearing up for my solo tour in Europe.  I want to hit the ground running. 

I'm almost done making my solo album - mixes are about 97% done today and I'll be making them available if anyone is interested pretty soon.  I'm not doing any kickstarter or gofundme stuff.  I've done that enough - you all need a break.  But what I will be doing is offering a Pre-Sale on the discs if anyone is interested.  Doing that sometime this weekend. 

Want to hear another track from the album?  Well - it's in the free download section.  Tell you all about it soon enough. 

Other shows: 

July 26th - JC Hyke Songwriter Serenade at Matt Dennys in Arcadia 
July 28th - Private party in H.B. 
Aug 4th - Outlaws of Folk at Alta Coffee with Michael Ubaldini 
Aug 6th - Beach Hut Deli with Aireene Espiritu 
Aug 9th - Songsalive Showcase at Sam Ash 
Aug 14th - Hermosa Beach Pier 
Aug 20th - Vintage Surfari Wagons End of Summer Party in Costa Mesa 
Aug 28th - Big Horn Music Festival, on Mt. Baldy 

And then I go to Europe and this is what we have so far: 

Solo Tour 
Sept 3, Street Art Fest - Jack Germany 
Sept 4, BuS Huchting 
Sept 5, Dwaze Zaken Musiek 
Sept 6, Exil Cafe 
Sept 8, Tillmann Hahn's Gasthaus 
Sept 9, Schwarzer Hermann 
Sept 10, Sonnendeck 
Sept 11, Europafest @ ABBBA-Treff 
Sept 12, Goldene Krone 
Sept 14, FrauenstraBe 24 
Sept 15, LitfaB Oldenburg 
Sept 15, Oldenburg eins 
Sept 17, Music @ Lokalitaten 1951 am Jader AuBendeich 
Sept 19, KulturPalast Linden 
Sept 20, Immanuel Gemeinde 
Sept 21, Syker Vorwerk 
Sept 22, Heldenbar 
Sept 23, Shakespeare's Theater-Pub im Weyher Theater 
Sept 25, Club Moments 
Some of these shows below are The Fallen Stars, some are Riddle & The Stars 

Sept 27, Exil Cafe, Chemnitz 
Sept 29, Kufz Halmer Weg (workshop) 
Sept 30 Knust Hamburg 
Oct 1, Sendesaal Bremen, DE 
Oct 2, Kufz Halmer Weg (public show) 
Oct 3, Kufz Halmer Weg (workshop) 
Oct 6, 25 Hours Hotel The Goldman, Frankfurt 
Oct 7, GroBenkneten House Concert (Irene) 
Oct 8, Amigo Hayride, Delmonhorst, DE 
Oct 10, Bertwin's Radio Show 
Oct 13, Kirche Dueshorn 
Oct 14, Music Star, Norderstedt, DE 
Oct 15, Church St. Jurgen Holtrop, GroBefehn, DE 
Oct 16-18 - Sweden 
Oct 22, Vienna, Austria 

So please let me know if you're going to be any of these places - we would love to see you! 

And as always - thanks for hanging out with us. 

Bobbo, Tracy, Brandon (and sometimes Ben and sometimes Matt) 

The Fallen Stars 
Riddle & The Stars 

and now - my brand new Facebook Solo Bobbo page is here!

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