July 14, 2016

So what the hell has been going on for the past month?  No shows, no emails - it's like we abandoned you. 

No, that's not it. 

We had a real shit month.  We went back to visit family in Massachusetts and while we were there - my Dad passed away after a long fight with Lewy Body Dementia and Tracy's aunt passed away after a long fight with cancer.   They both passed within 7 days of each other while we were back there and we just canceled stuff and stayed to be with family.  The outpouring of love we have received in light of all of this has been truly unbelievable.  Thank you. 

Here's a pic of me and my Dad.  I discovered that half of all the shirts he wore had our name on them.  Don't get me started on how amazing he was* 

I know everyone understands but I am sorry if you went to go see us with Dave Alvin** at The Coach House or the Sawdust Festival and we weren't there. 

Now we are back and we're diving headfirst into some shows and enjoying the healing power of music.  We had a great rehearsal with Brandon the other night and it felt so good to rock. 

So where can you see us? 

How about this weekend at the OC Fair?  We are playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday night of opening weekend of the fair. 

July 15, 16, 17 (Fri,Sat,Sun) 
The OC Fair 
88 Fair Dr 
Costa Mesa, CA 
Meadows Stage (right by the main entrance) 
8-11 PM

AND - we have 5 pairs of free tickets for this weekend at the OC Fair to give away!  If you would like to be the recipient of a pair of these tickets, email me HERE and we can work out the details. 

Is that it?  Not by a long shot! 

Our alter-ego band Riddle & The Stars has been nominated for "Best Album" and "Best Country/Americana Band" in the LA Music Critic Awards.  If you feel motivated enough to give us a shout (as it is fan fueled winning) - you can just visit his page HERE and say something nice about us.  Thanks! 

And - since I am doing a solo tour in Europe in September, I have decided to record a "solo"*** album as well.  It's called "Motel Americana"**** and it's almost done.  And because I'm really self medicating with music - I've also recorded an EP of driving songs that I think is going to be called "Pacific Coast Skyline"***** and next week I will be launching a "Bobbo-Starter"******. It's just a place where folks can pre-order the cds and help me get them done quicker.  It will be way simple and totally DIY. 

There will be more stuff next week as we gear up for some fun times. 

And if you're in Europe - we have some open dates that we are looking to fill with some house concerts in late September/October. 

That is clearly enough for one newsletter. 

Really hope to see you all soon and as always, thanks for hanging out with us. 

Bobbo, Tracy & Brandon 
The Fallen Stars 

*Quick story: My Dad was a police officer for 32 years, at his wake, his former police chief came up to me and said "Your Dad was the only officer I never received a single complaint about." 
*Dave Alvin actually sent me a real nice note as well.  Real class act he is. 
***What is "solo" anyway?  I mean really.  No man is an island.  Most men are peninsulas.  So my solo album has Tracy, Brandon, Ben, Geo...  But it's different in the fact that it's me singing lead on every song and it makes sense when touring so I'm not saying "Well, yes...The Fallen Stars, that's me on there and oh, yeah.  Riddle & The Stars, that's me there too..."  Now I can say "Here's my album."  It makes a lot of touring sense.  It's got new songs on there and a couple of re-worked classics. 
****If you would like to hear something off the new album - here you go:  https://soundcloud.com/wanderinstarstudio/nothing-needs-to-be-said-7-13-16 
*****I just came up with that name today.  It may stick around. 
******It's not a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe - it's way more DIY than that!

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