January 4, 2017

Hey!  So it's been a while since I've written.  Sorry about that.  Life, you know?  First it was Europe and then I drove from Massachusetts to California with my Mom (playing shows across the way of course!) and then it was Christmas time and I took all the ornaments off the tree yesterday and now it's time to get back to it! 

Friday, January 13 
CD Release Show for "Motel Americana"
w/ Tall as Men (also cd release show)
PCH, Long Beach, CA 
9 pm - $5 

It's my U.S. cd release show for my new album "Motel Americana".  It's new but I got an advanced copy to Rock 'n' Roll truth and they named it one of the 20 best releases of 2016!* 

We'll be rocking at DiPiazzas next Friday.  It would be great to see you there and if not - swing by the website and hear some of it - it streams on there here

What else?  Well, Tracy, Brandon and I have written and recorded the next 3 songs of our Firefly inspired music project (Leaves on the Wind Music Project) and we will be performing at Whedonopolis in Los Angeles in May.  We're hoping to have volume 3 done by then. 

We're also gearing up for a return to Europe in the spring and I have another solo tour there before Tracy and Ben get there.  I will be starting in the U.K. the end of May and doing some shows there as well as running a workshop on songwriting in the Cornwall area with high school aged students.  Then when I'm in Germany I will be teaching a class on folk songwriting to refugees there as well as giving a 2 day recording class.  And non-stop touring!  Then Tracy gets there in July and we do more shows! 

I'm also most of the way through an acoustic album I've been working on - so I may have that ready by spring as well. 

Oh, and we're moving out of our studio in February and probably moving 30 minutes south in March! 

There may be something in April on the east coast as well as something in August as well.  But that's more planning than I can do today. 

Ok, that's enough for now.  If you'd like to book us and you are somewhere in the world - email me at bobbo@thefallenstars.com and we can probably make it happen. 

Peace and Love in 2017. 

Bobbo, Tracy & Brandon (and sometimes Matt and Ben) 

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