It's Early September and I Really Should Be Back At School, Shows, etc...

Hey!  So what's happening?  

I was thinking of taking one of those pictures like everyone has been posting on facebook about going back to school but then I remembered; I'm not going back to school.*  I kind of miss going to college, you know, fall in New England, throwing a frisbee in the quad, snow sledding on the cafeteria trays, being infatuated with the girl with the pony tail driving a Jetta, playing all of "An American Prayer" on the college radio station, almost passing algebra, having a roommate that smoked my toothpaste, finding that girl that snuck into my room and started wearing my clothes, hitchhiking to Burlington Vermont, accidentally setting the toaster in the cafeteria on fire, sleeping through Shakespeare, seeing Pearl Jam for $2.00, and driving 365 miles to visit Tracy at school...**

In the spirit of hanging out doing nothing of any importance...We're playing a coffee shop in Newport Beach tonight.  We can hang out there late and maybe discuss Picasso's blue period or Edward Bellamy's "Looking Backward"***  "Dude, Picasso was well into his blue period before he discovered cubism, what are you an engineering student?"****

Thursday, Sept 3
Alta Coffee House
31st St, Newport Beach, CA
7 pm.  
It's Michael Ubaldini's Outlaws of Folk Series.  

Then on Saturday we get our geek on in a big way when we play at Fandomverse Expo in Lancaster, CA.  We'll be doing a full set of our Firefly songs.  (Also known as "The Leaves On The Wind Music Project")  I don't really know what to expect from this but we do love the geeks.*****

Saturday, Sept 5
Fandomverse Expo
Lancaster, CA
We play at 9 pm outside on the stage.

In other news:

We have two shows booked in New England in the next few weeks:

Thursday, Sept 24
The Last Safe & Deposit
Lowell, MA 
w/ The Farewells

Friday, Sept 25
The Pasta Loft
Milford, NH
w/ The Gypsy Mechanics (reunion show)

And tonight while cleaning I found a DVD of us playing in Hollywood at The Gig way back in 2007!!  I just posted a song from that show where we cover the Clash song "Stay Free".  It's here.  Enjoy!

We've also started planning the Riddle & The Stars US tour for May of 2016.  I called Ben in Australia but he was in the future by 16 hours.  I was very confused.  

That's enough for today.  I gave up drinking Diet Coke and am sleepy and cranky******

Goodnight, hope to see you soon.

Bobbo & Tracy, Brandon & Ben & Matt and other folks....
The Fallen Stars

Riddle & The Stars

Bonus points will be awarded if you knew that the subject of this email was from a Rod Stewart song.

*Rodney Dangerfield's second best movie.
**All true stories except the frisbee throwing - I never did that crap.
***Probably my favorite dystopian novel.
****Actual overheard conversation.  I think what made it was the use of "Dude."  
*****The geeks won't inherit the earth it's theirs already.^
^that footnote got hijacked by a Replacements song.
******I think only one of those is a Disney Dwarf.  

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