Here it is November 1st and we've got a contest for YOU!

So we are gearing up for our cd release party in December and we thought we would have a really fun contest.

How fun?  

Fun enough that you win a guitar!

That's right.  We will be giving away two (2!) telecaster guitars.

Contest #1

Record your own version of our song "Massachusetts".   (phone video, live performance - whatever you want)  Upload it to Youtube and share it with us.  We will be making a page on the website for voting.  We will have a poll for voting and the one with the most votes wins!  

If you want the lyrics and chords - we will have them up on the site for download.

Contest #2

So you're not so handy with a guitar?  How about cutting videos together?  We'll supply the song ("Massachusetts") and you make a video for it.  Upload it to Youtube and we share it on our page and the most votes gets a guitar!

Simple right?  Well, get cracking - You have a month to complete the task.  

You might ask yourself - what guitars will we be winning?  Well, we're huge fans of the Telecaster guitar.  AND we're huge fans of making our own guitars.  So I'm getting the parts and putting them together, just like my telecasters!  Fun right?  

It has also been suggested that we autograph the guitars.  I'm a little weird about that.  Anytime someone signs a guitar, it makes it worth less, it makes someone afraid to play it because they don't want to ruin it or something.  We want these guitars to get played, to rock and not be decoration.  That said; if you want it signed we will oblige.  

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