Cd Release show update, guitar contest stuff, shows this week...

An email on a Sunday night?  Yeah.  I know.  Weird huh.  

First off - thanks for the interest in our guitar giveaway contest!  It's been so cool.  Have a couple of entries already and a few others working on them.  I am so psyched!  What?  You don't know what I'm talking about?  Go here.  This week I got the parts together to make the two telecasters, er...Bobbocasters we'll be giving away!

Ok and an update on our CD Release show:  It will be Friday, Dec 5th at Father's Pub in Santa Ana.  (13912 Ponderosa St)  It's going to be awesome with Doug Schmude* releasing his cd that night as well and our friend Land of Deborah** opening up the evening.  

Now this week we have 2 very different shows:

Tuesday, Nov 18th
Sam Ash Music 
Beach Blvd, Westminster
Songsalive Showcase
starts at 7:30 and will be a quiet acoustic type of event.  Tracy and I are going to play...oh hell!  We'll play just about anything if you shout it out!

Saturday, Nov 22nd
Gallagher's Pub
Main St, Huntington Beach
(technically Walnut St)
We're playing with Michael Ubaldini's band The Earwigs!  This is going to be a rock and roll evening.  It's been a while since we've played downtown H.B. and this is a place where we have discovered subtly is lost at.  So we're gonna rock.***

Alright, that's all for now, thanks for hanging out with us and see you soon.

Bobbo, Tracy & Brandon
The Fallen Stars

*You don't know Doug Schmude?  really amazing singer/songwriter.  I produced his new album and he and I go way back like spinal cords and car seats.  
**You don't know Land of Deborah? - we met her at Taxi Road Rally a few years ago and she just happens to be in town that week.  Oh, she's from Vancouver.  Awesome!
***It's like Bryan Adams says "everywhere I go, the kids want to rock."

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