Camp Pendleton, VW Event, Bigs Country Night, New Hampshire show

Things are always busy here and we keep truckin on but sometimes you do a gig and it's different.  Now, hear me out - we play lots of shows and we love doing them all but when we got asked to play at Camp Pendleton last weekend for their Rodeo Days, well - that was something different.  

I may sound off from time to time from my soapbox but we're all just people.  This isn't left/right or red/blue - and these folks were thankful to us for coming and playing their event.  Simply amazing, and here we are sandwiched between Memorial Day and Independence Day rocking in the free world.   My Mom being a Navy veteran - I told the CO the only Marine joke I knew which was about Marines always needing a ride from the Navy.  He laughed.  It was a good day.   He showed us their new patches they designed for the deployment in Afghanistan.  

Getting to spend the day with these folks and their families was truly an honor. 

The picture above - that's from Camp Pendleton.  We played on a flat bed Ford*, there was a mechanical bull behind us, two tanks and a giant windmill.   And we didn't know how to play Rhinestone Cowboy!

Coming up we've got some fun stuff going on, a pair of shows in OC and then we head back to New England and a show or two there.  (plus a long weekend/vacation)

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