April 20, 2016


So the first bit of our shows has started, we've played 4 shows so far I think.  We also shot a video (still being edited) and today our new records came in (only a few days after Record Store Day!) and we got a new review in the Desert Star Weekly! 

Read the review here or below: 

Artist: Riddle & The Stars  
Title: New Coastline  
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Tell me more: An exceptional follow-up ot their 2014 debut collaboration "This Is Happening,"   
the new album from Riddle & The Stars titled "New Coastline" is truly a reason to celebrate the   
music-making union forged between Australian singer-songwriter Ben Riddle and Huntington Beach,   
California-based The Fallen Stars (husband-and-wife duo Bobbo and Tracy Byrnes).  
All three singers are featured via memorable performances, with their blended voices providing an   
additional winning element across the disc (particularly on the the beautiful Americana nugget "When   
We Ride").  Riddle brings a distintive singer-songwriter touch to the proceedings, notable on the   
reflective folk rocker "Running Back To You" and yearning "Tracks."  Bobbo Byrnes leads the collective  
through the rousing root's rocker "I May Never Know" and an affecting take on the John Prine gem   
"Mexican Home."  Tracy Byrnes sings the elegiac "Apples & Knives," and the authentic country-styled   
"Valentine's Day."    
Information: thefallenstars.com or riddleandthestars.com 

~by Robert Kinsler

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