April 1, 2016

Hey - I'll be quick and keep the footnotes to a minimum today.* 

We'll be in Los Angeles, tonight, Friday, April 1.** 

Playing an acoustic-ish show with our friend Matt Moran at HolyGround Coffee House. 

Here is the event page for the show: HERE 

If you don't do the facebook thing*** here is the info: 

Friday, April 1st 
Holy Ground Coffee and Tea 
5371 Alhambra Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032 
Matt Moran at 7 pm 
The Fallen Stars at 8 pm 

And the free song for today is of course "April Fool"****.  It's off our first album "found & lost" which came out way back in 1973*****  My favorite part in the song is the backwards guitar part after the bridge.  I wonder if we could (or should) play this song tomorrow.  I will check with Tracy and get back to you. 

That is all for now.  Our next show will be on Record Store Day at Old Towne Vinyl in Orange and that night at Beach Hut Deli for our cd release of "New Coastline".  I'll tell you about that next week.  This is enough for now. 

Have a great  April Fool's Day and don't believe anyone who tells you Firefly is coming back for a third season. 


Bobbo, Tracy & Brandon 
The Fallen Stars 

*Every time I do a footnote I feel like David Foster Wallace. 
**No joke, no April Fool.  We'll really be there. 
***like Casey and Chris 
****Does it seem like we have a song for most holidays? 
*****It seems like that long ago but it was really only 2004.

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