We love you WonderCon!

First off, a big welcome to anyone that we met at WonderCon 2015 this weekend, we're so glad you're here! As a thank you for dropping by, we've made our version of "The True Story of the Hero of Canton" free for this week only! 

What an amazing weekend this was!  I've never had so much fun at a con before, and I especially  loved getting the opportunity to meet so many new Browncoats. Turns out the best way to discover a Browncoat is to dress up like Serenity! :)  There were so many clever and gorgeous costumes and everyone was incredibly warm and friendly, even the security guard who told us on Friday that we couldn't play inside the Convention Center grounds! (We did find another spot which worked out just fine though, so no worries.) We didn't attend any of the panels and mostly spent Saturday and Sunday wandering through the vendor booths taking photos and talking with folks. 

Normally big crowds like this give me an instant headache, but I felt like I was walking on air the whole time! My people! I finally found my people! Can we play dress up and hang out talking about our favorite things every weekend? Pretty please?


Here are some photos of my full costume and just a few of the Browncoats that we ran into.  I even got word that Captain Reynolds himself liked my costume!  I also want to say thank you to Al, Glynnes, Bobby and Pam for making this weekend possible as well as give a shout out to some of the great folks we met:


  • To the lovely girls at the Jason Palmer booth  - The art is amazing, but doesn't hold a candle to you two!!
  • To the fantastic folks  at the California Browncoats booth - You were my favorite booth as always - I want to buy one of everything! Thank you for the duct tape so we could label our "Vera"!
  • To the wonderful volunteers at Whedonopolis - Thank you for hosting yet another great Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long, not to mention all the other great events you put on throughout the year! Let me know how we can help!
  • To the beautiful ladies at Geek Chic  - if I ever win the lottery, you're the first place I'm shopping for furniture!
  • To the great folks at Pendragon Costumes - You're the first place I'll shop for clothes! (Because if I ever win the lottery, I'm gonna wear awesome corsets whenever I please!)
  • To the terrific folks at the Nobility booth - best of luck with your show, I've got my fingers crossed for you!
  • To lovely Nikki at OC Archery - I'd love to come by and learn to shoot like Inara! (Katniss may be aiming a bit too high for me!)

To all the rest of you beautiful people that I met and didn't catch your name or get your card - Thank you!!  Can't wait to do it again next year!

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