This one's for the ladies

We're currently on tour in Germany right now (Any Browncoats out in the Bremen area? Come see us and say hello!), but before we left the U.S. we recorded our fourth Firefly song, Stronger Than Steel. This one is inspired by the episode Shindig, and shines a spotlight on the beauty and strength of the women of Firefly.

From Kaylee at the ball holding court on ship engines to Inara teaching Mal the finer points of fencing to Zoe's "bit of slink" and River's uncanny "diversion" with Badger the women truly shine in this episode, reminding us that there's a lot more to them than what we see at first glance. Joss Whedon excels at writing complex, multi-layered female roles and this episode is a great example of that.

We were also lucky enough to get our good friend Georgianna Hennessy to play violin on the song and she did some lovely work. To me it evokes both the rustic feel of the Firefly 'verse and the elegance of the ball.

Please enjoy and share!

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