The new video is up - Apples and Knives!

This might be my favorite song and video yet. One of the things I love most about Firefly was how foundational Wash and Zoë's marriage was to the show. In fact, according to Joss, when Fox executives were deciding to pick up the show, "The last thing that Fox said was 'We will pick up the show, but they can't be married.' and I said, 'Then don't pick up the show, because in my show, these people are married. And it's important to the show.'" Not only was this relationship important, he staked the entire show on it!

So it's only natural that I would love episode 10, War Stories, which explores that relationship and how it sometimes comes into conflict with Zoë's role as a soldier and the Captain's first mate. Because this is a dark, ominous episode, the music in Apples and Knives is quite dark and ominous as well.  There's a relentlessness to it that reflects Zoë's determination to retrieve Wash and Mal from Niska's grasp, no matter what the consequences. I love that the two things that are tearing her apart in the beginning - her soft, nurturing side as a wife and her hard, dangerous side as a soldier - end up combining to make her so powerful at the end. She is truly is both apples and knives.

Also, bonus photo of me with Alan Tudyk at the Long Beach Comic Expo!! Know what he's holding behind his back there? Leaves on the Wind volumes 1 and 2!


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