New music coming soon!

Hi all, I just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress for Volume 2 of the Leaves on the Wind Music Project! This five song EP will include songs inspired by Firefly episodes 6 through 10. Here's the list of episodes and songs as it stands so far: 
  • Episode 6: Our Mrs. Reynolds - Goodnight Kiss - Written, recorded, released and available for download!  Watch the video here!
  • Episode 7: Jaynestown - Hero of Canton (Jayne's Side of the Story) - Written, mostly recorded. Once final vocal tracks are done, we'll be releasing the song and video soon!
  • Episode 8: Out of Gas - Miracle - Written and recorded. Just waiting to be released! (Gotta do them in order of course!)
  • Episode 9: Ariel - Open the Door - Just finished writing it. 
  • Episode 10: War Stories - ??? - Not started yet.
We'll be leaving for our European tour in a few weeks, so I'm hoping to get Hero of Canton (Jayne's Side of the Story) out to you before we go.

In the meantime, enjoy our Leaves on the Wind YouTube playlist where you can watch all the videos we've released so far! (And don't forget to turn on the Captions feature if you want to see the lyrics at the same time!)

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