Across the Whedonverse and WonderCon

With all the work on our Riddle and the Stars album, it may seem quiet on the Browncoat front, but the project is still underway! We have three new Firefly songs written, and will be releasing the next one, Goodnight Kiss, very soon! This one is inspired by the episode Our Mrs. Reynolds and shows us life from Saffron's perspective. I'm so looking forward to sharing it with you!

We also will be performing at a WonderCon after-party on Saturday, April 19 at Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton. We're planning on doing some busking outside the Con during the day so come by and say hello!

I should also mention we attended Across the Whedonverse, a Joss Whedon-inspired burlesque show, last month that was out of this world! And I met Georges Jeanty! He signed by Leaves on the Wind comic book and I gave him a Leaves on the Wind CD!  And he said he'd heard of our project, how cool is that??!! I was pretty darn stoked! Maybe I'll drop by his booth at WonderCon and see if he liked the music? ;)

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