From the recording This is Happening

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This is Happening

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Over oceans to speedless highways
Our future was unknown
We were strangers thrown in together
The music felt like home
Roaming round singing songs and whispers
We’ll be back with the setting sun
It was summer too hot to go out
But the show must go on

This Is Happening

Sun beats down while the tide is rising
The light was so divine
Broken strings and strange requestings
Oh my! we need more wine
Driving down here this doesn’t feel right
The deer they hit strong
It’s still summer too hot to be out
But the show must go on

This Is Happening

Speeding down on this crazy highway
But John he said no
Midnight games and sleepy mornings
Four o’clock it’s time to go.
Pass the hat and we’ll keep playing
Until the break of dawn
This endless summer don’t want to go home
But the shows keep going on