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This is our Irish song! We've long loved listening and playing Irish music and thought it would be fun to write our own. So, in the spirit of the Irish Rovers and Bootless and Unhorsed - here is "Pour Me A Whiskey"! Goes great with corned beef and cabbage.


My mother was lovely and graceful and bold
But she died in a fire when I was just eight years old
They pulled me out kicking and screaming her name
But my life and my fate, they were never the same

I was roaming the streets stealing wallets and scraps
Till Blackie O’Malley caught me dead in the act
He said “Son here’s your choice, you can come work for me
Or I’ll leave you dead and broken in this dirty alley.”


I’ve been working for Blackie these last eight years or nine
And a more loyal lackey you never will find
Now his gunmen are coming and they’re coming for me
Cause I’m in love with the beautiful Katherine Louise

She has hair black as midnight, eyes blue as the sky
And it turns out she’s the daughter of Police Chief McGuire
I may have shared a few secrets I should never have said
Now both Blackie and McGuire are after my head

I hope somewhere Katherine is shedding a tear
From those beautiful blue eyes that I held so dear
Cause there’s only one way that this story can end
So take care and take cover, here they come now my friend

But first pour me a whiskey and sing me song
Cause I know I won’t be in this world very long
I got troubles behind me, but that’s all in my past
So make it a double and I’ll drink it down fast!