1. APB

From the recording Where the Road Bends

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Johnny came over late last night
Said “I gotta get out of sight.”
I said “Why? What’s there to see?”
John said “Man, there’s an APB.”
APB, there’s an APB
Man, I gotta hide, there’s an APB

I grabbed a case and headed down the stairs
To the basement room, “You’re safe down there.
Lay low, I’ll take a look around,
John, you’re better off underground.”
APB, there’s an APB
John, you better hide, there’s an APB

I drove down to Grant’s Loan and Pawn
Figured he’d know what’s going on.
He said “I saw the blues down by the lake.
What did Johnny go and do with that .38?”
APB, there’s an APB
Better watch out, there’s an APB

I hit the bar to grab a beer or two
Try and figure out just what to do.
Everyone was wondering where he’d go
I knew too much is what I was told.
APB, there’s an APB
John, you better run, there’s an APB

Was shooting my mouth off when the cops walked in.
Turns out harboring a fugitive is a sin.
Later that night they took me home,
But John didn’t know I wasn’t alone.
APB, there’s an APB
Look out John, there’s an APB

Well I’m sorry John, I didn’t mean to tell.
Had a bit too much down at The Well.
I guess I’ll see you in 7 to 10.
If you get out early, I’ll see you then.
APB, there’s an APB
Sorry John, there was an APB