1. Millsboro

From the recording Where the Road Bends

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Well we set to working<br />
this grist mill with our hands<br />
on the banks of Indian River<br />
just south of Maryland<br />
Elisha said “build a dam”<br />
and we dammed that riverbed<br />
water washed away the farm <br />
I worked till my hands bled<br />
<br />
In Millsboro<br />
<br />
I can see my life<br />
spinning on this wheel<br />
grinding me away <br />
until I can’t even feel<br />
I used to believe <br />
in the goodness of all men<br />
put my faith in God <br />
but now it’s growing dim<br />
<br />
In Millsboro<br />
<br />
Meet me down Old Landing Road<br />
where my farm once hid<br />
tonight we’ll steal away<br />
across the bridge<br />
<br />
Of Millsboro <br />
Goodbye Millsboro<br />
<br />
<br />