1. San Diego

From the recording found & lost

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Written by The Fallen Stars


We met in San Diego
the war had brought us both there
your blonde hair in shining in the sun
made all the men stare.
We left the navy and moved back east
The hometown pull was too strong,
settled down to start a family
got lost before to long.

Please remember me, Please remember me fondly
I know it’s hard after what I did
don’t let me come between the one thing I got right
and everything I never did

I left the day you asked me to,
and I didn’t look back for awhile
but I’m older now, sober now,
and it’s hard to look back with a smile.
I'd drive by our old house
And try to sneak a peak at our kid
But he's grown up now and I still don't know
If he looks like I did.

Please remember me, please remember me fondly
it’s a lot to ask but maybe someday
you’ll look back at the times we had
and see a man who just lost his way.

I never knew where I was going but I always knew when to leave
last time was the first, as the wind washed away the leaves.

I wanted to say I was sorry
but the words never left my mouth
sometimes at night I stare at the ceiling
and say them to myself.