1. Jericho

From the recording Heart Like Mine

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Written by Chuck Roberts


She was walking on water, kicking up some dust
With a banner that read “Jericho or Bust”
She had a plan and acted deliberately
That's how she knew she’d bring Jericho to its knees

The stones were tall, but hope stood taller
As the yellow moon set the village voices got softer
Some would get hurt, it was certain to be
But still she had to bring Jericho to its knees

Oh Jericho, Oh Jericho
She whispered so softly
Oh Jericho, Oh Jericho
When will you release me?

It was a matter of perception, she had it all figured out.
What was outside needed in what was inside needed out.
Paint it by numbers, color in One Two Three
The picture she drew had Jericho on its knees


She knew it was a vision, she knew she had the gift
But she never really saw all the edges through the mist
This had to go perfect, it would set things right
And she might be free by tomorrow night

She hit the drum a seventh time and watched the spires fall
As the breeze blew away the dust and she waited for the call
Where the proud once stood, the meek would now walk free
On the day she brought Jericho to its knees