From the recording Heart Like Mine

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Written by The Fallen Stars


Well all I got to my name
Is a few guitars, a little fame
It’s the price of living with
A “has been” and a “what if”

If I could change I would
But you know that I ain’t no good
A songwriter with a broken heart
Just a man that falls apart
At the simple sight of seeing you
Is all it takes to come unglued
I’ll do my best to cause no shame
In being called – “Mrs.What’s-his-name”.

I say I love you every day
Cause it really ain’t that hard to say
There’ll be days it’s true
When it would be easier if I was like you

It was true when they said
I’d be worth more when I’m dead
You can sell my stuff on ebay
But baby – please keep my name.
Please keep my name.