1. Plain Street

From the recording Heart Like Mine

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Written by Jeff Turner


There's a light shining down on Plain Street
But it hangs in the sky over Main Street
In the time that it takes to get back to my place here on Plain Street
I see colors fly from the lights in the sky over Main Street

But I'll stay home tonight, write my book under low lamplight
And fall asleep to the sound of the traffic driving by
And I can listen to their voices across the sky

There was rain on the pane of my window today
And I say it's okay if it won't go away
It took me 24 years to find my place here on Plain Street
And I know I'll never miss life on the waiting list back on Main Street

I've got some living to do tonight, everything's gonna be alright
The sound of traffic is the only thing I can hear
And in the morning everything will still be here
On Plain Street