1. Walk Away

From the recording Heart Like Mine

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Written by The Fallen Stars


There's a black cat sitting on the top of a wall
his big yellow eyes on me
She says "She ain't coming back so you oughta stop calling
And walk away little boy walk away."

Walk Away
She ain't coming back
Walk away
You best let her be
Walk away
You better face the fact
And walk away little boy walk away

Her momma told me that my baby ain't home
And not to come round there no more
"Her daddy's got a gun, so you better get gone
And walk away little boy walk away."

She says that she don't love me
She says to let her go
But I'm the only one for her
Need to make her know

Now there's bars across this prison window
And a black cat out in the yard
My baby's voice keeps telling me I shoulda
Walked away little boy walked away.