Hey Everyone!

Yep, I'm doing a little crowd funding here. I obviously don't need to raise money for studio time as I've done all that myself but I do need some dough for PR, pressing cds and to make a video. Usually I'm able to cover these things by touring and shows but this is a different time. 

That said, I will be updating and adding more rewards as we go. I'm hoping to run this just a couple of weeks. The album will be released July 10th.

I will be doing updates often and keeping you informed. Thanks for hanging out with me!

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Step Up package
  • Step Up package
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“Step Up package” includes download of the album sent to your inbox 2 weeks before it is released plus you will also get a signed CD, sticker and postcard mailed out to you

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Personal Bobbo package
  • Personal Bobbo package
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“Personal Bobbo package” includes “Gratitude Package” plus an hour of online guitar lessons, songwriting session, help with your guitar pedals/amps, cooking lessons, what-have-you.

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Design your own reward package
  • Design your own reward package
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“Design your own reward package” Is there something you would like, a custom song, a larger painting, studio time, learning how I record and mix ~ message me and we can work it out.

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Q: Bobbo, can you help me buy a guitar?

A: Yes I can. We can do a consult on what guitar is right for you. I am kind of the 'guitar whisper' of sorts. Choose the "make your own reward" above and we can work it out.


Q: Can I come open up for you on tour?

A: Well, that depends. Do you have a cd out? Have you ever toured before? Because it's not easy. I suggest doing a few weekend tours on your own to get used to a few things and see if it's right for you.


Q: Where's Tracy?

A: Probably at home either working if it's daytime or playing video games if it's night time.