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The Fallen Stars are an Americana Rock band from Southern California that believes a good story can break your heart and a driving guitar riff can put it back together again, all in the space of a three minute song.

welcome browncoats!

Are you a fan of Firefly? Then you'll love our new music project, Leaves on the Wind! Our goal is to write a brand new original song based on each episode of the tv series Firefly, plus the feature film Serenity. Fifteen songs in all - just right for a trilogy of EPs! Keep an eye on our Browncoats page to follow our progress!
 Leaves on the Wind, Original songs inspired by Firefly

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Two Quick Things Podcast


Sorry about the two emails in one week.  I won't make a habit of it.  Just wanted to share with you 2 quick things.

1)  We have two shows left this year.*  Why is this such a big deal?  Didn't we play like 150 shows last year?  Well, that is true but we've decided to take a few months off from live shows to work on new stuff.  We have a new Firefly cd that's almost done and we've started work on a bunch of other stuff and we need to put in the time to make it happen.  

So what we're planning is no shows… Read more

Cd Release show update, guitar contest stuff, shows this week... 

An email on a Sunday night?  Yeah.  I know.  Weird huh.  

First off - thanks for the interest in our guitar giveaway contest!  It's been so cool.  Have a couple of entries already and a few others working on them.  I am so psyched!  What?  You don't know what I'm talking about?  Go here.  This week I got the parts together to make the two telecasters, er...Bobbocasters we'll be giving away!

Ok and an update on our CD Release show:  It will be Friday, Dec 5th at Father's Pub in Santa Ana.  (13912 Ponderosa St)… Read more

Contest Update and stuff 


So I have been putting together the guitars for the contest.  I have two cool tele type guitars.  It's been pointed out to me that since I'm putting them together from parts, I can't actually call them "telecasters".  They are "Bobbocasters".

I've also heard some folks who are confused about the contest.  To clarify:

There are 2 contests:

Contest #1 - you video yourself singing our song "Massachusetts" and put it on Youtube.  We share the link here and then there is voting.  Winner gets a guitar.

Contest… Read more

Guitar Contest Update! 

We're really excited about all the interest in folks participating in our "Massachusetts" song/win a guitar contest!

And today - I talked to the good folks over at Franklin Guitar Straps and they are providing us with the straps for the winning guitars!

I know what you're thinking - "guitar straps?  I'll just go buy a cheap strap at GC!"  You of course can do this but I'm going to tell you that there really is a difference.  Yes, we do have a working relationship with Franklin but it's a relationship that… Read more


Hot Adult Contemporary Artist
2012 Los Angeles Music Award Nominee

Best Male Artist
2011 SoCal Live Music Competition Nominee

"Top Ten Indie/Unsigned Release of the Year"
~Los Angeles Music Examiner

"Top Prospect of the Year"
~Music Connection Magazine

Best Country/Americana
2009 Orange County Music Awards Winner
2010-2012 Orange County Music Awards Nominee

Best Live Rock Band
Best Live Acoustic Band
2009 SoCal Live Music Competition

Best Live Acoustic Band
2008 Orange County Music Awards

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