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February 9, 2018
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Private House Concert
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February 24, 2018
Tony's Original Deli & Bottle Shop
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Tony's Original Deli & Bottle Shop
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March 31, 2018
Beach Hut Deli
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May 19- June 2
UK and Ireland Tour

May 25, 2018
Bar Rakkuda
Plymouth, UK
w/ Peter Crawford

June 1, 2018
Spielbudenpl., 20359 Hamburg, Germany

June 5, 2018
Hamburg, Germany

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Epiphanias Church Bremen
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Schalander, Maintal, Germany

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Live Club
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June 23, 2018
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The Musikantenkneipe
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Germany, Austria, Netherlands Tour

June 5, 2018
Hamburg, Germany

November, 2018
Australian Tour

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Motel Americana

Bobbo Byrnes

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Sounds a lot like The Fallen Stars but a little bit more stripped back, mostly acoustic based but still rocking...

  1. 1 Hold me 04:21 Info
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  2. 2 To her door 03:41
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  3. 3 APB 04:06 Info
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  4. 4 Hate this town 04:10
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  5. 5 I may never know 03:24
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  6. 6 Heading south 04:09 Info
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  7. 7 Millsboro 03:43 Info
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  8. 8 Solitaire 02:28
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  9. 9 No expectations 03:34 Info
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  10. 10 Nothing needs to be said 03:19 Info
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  11. 11 1, 2, 3 03:12
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  12. 12 Long way to Nashville 04:58
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Follows the musical storytelling tradition of Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and Gram Parsons.”


Bobbo writes deeply affecting material and it is delivered with an authenticity that is exhilarating. Even on disc, his blend of roots, rock, country, folk and pop is delivered with the wallop of The Clash”

— Orange County Register

Tour Diary Day 5, May 28, 2017  

I should’ve started this earlier, I’m beat tired and so much good stuff happened today. 

Now I know Pete woke me up early this morning (10 am) but I can’t remember why. We did something today, was it today that we worked on recording stuff? I think it was. Pete’s band, Jakku Dogs, is working on a new recording and we dove into some of the tracks and it really makes me feel useful to be able to assist with mixing and give some recording tips. Recording and mixing are one of those things that I feel that no matter how much you know - there’s always room to learn more. 

I’m also looking forward to getting to Bremen and into that studio because Peter has tracks there waiting for me to start mixing! 

Most of mid-day today was spent watching Pete cook. There should really be a cooking show on his Sunday roast - FOR REAL. I was really upset that I wasn’t prepared to do a cooking video because Pete’s Sunday roast starts on Saturday night in a slow cooker, then today was peeled backed potatoes, carrots, parsnips, mushrooms, stuffing, gravy, salad and wine! (see pic) 

It was - for real - one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Did you know parsnips taste good? Neither did I. I tried to explain to Connor and Oliver that their Dad’s cooking was really great and they should learn from him because I wasn’t able to learn cooking from my Mom at all - all I learned how to do was to how to burn frozen vegetables! 

After Sunday dinner we headed over to Callington - which would be the furthest into Cornwall I am going to go. The road was small and winding with a large hedgerow and I don’t think I fully understood what a hedgerow was until today. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it but we just don’t see those things in the states - shit, this hedgerow was probably older than the United States!* 

Tonight we were playing the Village Hall in Callington and it’s a beautiful hall with a stage and lights and excellent sound (provided by Jim on the drums) 

Tonight’s show was also recorded by Peter’s son Conner who is going to University next year for film - and extra care was taken to make sure we were lit up right and the multi camera shoot and everything. So that’s awesome. 

And the show was great, real listening audience and I kept my set a little more subdued tonight as the acoustics were really pretty and I was enjoying listening to the room. When I played the harmonica I got way back off the mic and could just hear it in the space and enjoyed it. 

We played some more songs together tonight and I’m going to miss jamming with these guys. I can’t thank them all enough for having me and putting on these shows and playing together. Look up - there’s music there and links to the Jakku Dogs as well. 

I have more to say and more to tell but I am fully exhausted and have to catch a train to Cheltenham in the morning and I am still not saying the name of that town correctly. (Appartently, you skip the middle ‘enh’) Oh, but that reminds me! I was playing a fun game with them about town names and my friends in California - none of them can say “Billerica”, “Tewksbury”, “Chelmsford”, “Gloucester” or “Worcester” correctly but everyone of the Crawford’s was able to nail them. Annalisa stumbled on “Billerica” for a second but then got it. 

Fun with names and accents. 

Really, so much more to tell but can’t keep my eyes open. Thank you so much Peter and Annalisa for having me in your home and making Cornwall, and more specifically - Saltash, such a wonderful place to visit and play music. I already can’t wait to come back. 

*it was.

Tour Diary Day 4, May 27, 2017  

It’s Saturday!  

I say that to remind myself, it doesn’t take long to lose track of what day it is - these Tour Diaries help.  

Today we have two gigs and before we go Pete tells me where getting a proper Pasty. I told him I had one the other day and he said “what was in it?” I said “butter chicken.” “That’s not a Pasty.” So today we’re getting a real one.  

I do really love regional food. It’s like when I go to Massachusetts and someone says “we have a great new Mexican restaurant” and you know it’s shite without even trying it. I was on the Baltic Sea last year for a gig and they said “We have the best nachos” and I accepted that challenge and it was a basket full of no. There were chips and there was salsa on top but it was the sweetest salsa I’d ever had - as if it was cherry flavored or something. I ate 3 chips and couldn’t eat no more.  

Wherever you are - eat what they eat and you’ll be fine.  

I get it though - I'm a bit of a burger snob. There's places that make great burgers, Golden Goose in Sedona, AZ, Park Bench Cafe in Huntington Beach, just about any 5 Guys Burgers - and nowhere in Europe.  

So when Pete said I had to have a proper Pasty I knew what he meant and so we went to Oggy Oggy, the Cornish Pasty Company and I learned more about them from Pete like it was a tradition for the miners who ate them to drop the crusts down the mine for the “Tommyknockers” who were, as far as I can tell, the elves of good fortune. If you didn’t give up your crust to the Tommyknockers it was bad luck for that mine shaft. Sounds to me like it was a way of keeping the rats happy.  

I had my traditional Cornish Pasty {pronounced Pă/stee} and it had beef and potatoes and some other stuff as well. I took a picture of the bag it came in but by the time I was eating it - I couldn’t get my phone out in time. Pasty = Tasty. {those words don’t rhyme well)  

Then we went over to the Ashtorre Rock Hall in Saltash which is a room in a community center where we played unplugged for about two hours. Two hours? Maybe. I lost track of time but it was wonderful, we would swap off songs and Pete, Phil and Jim (Jakku Dogs) would join me on songs and I joined in with them as well.  

It was an intimate show but I really dug it because everyone was really listening. You can’t beat listening rooms.  

Then we came back to Pete’s flat and he made sausage, salad and mushrooms and shallots.* Pete is a great cook, I’ve been spoiled here and apparently tomorrow we’re having a roast that is already cooking in the slow cooker.  

After late lunch/early dinner we headed over to the The Brook Inn in Plymouth - a right proper pub with a great stage and soundman. We tore it up good tonight and I even broke a few strings. I actually said before we started that I would be lucky to get through tonight’s gig without breaking any strings as this was the third day of shows and that’s about how long they last for me on tour. I’ve been working myself like a professional bicyclist with how fast I can change a string - or maybe a pit crew working Indy 500. I got string changes down to under one minute. The first string to go was a D and the second was a B. I’m going to have to change out the rest of them before our show tomorrow.  

I played a couple of songs that I hadn’t played yet this week and got my looping pedal going in a couple of tunes. I use it as a percussion thing in one song and as an instrumental part in another. I’m very aware of how using the looping pedal can become annoying to the audience and try to minimize the annoyance. There are some bands, like Whitehorse, that are a two person looping machine that is at a level of performance art of how they coordinate the pedal dance but when I see solo folks do it, I rarely enjoy it for more than a song or two.  

So I used it in two songs.  

I’ve been joining the Jakku Dogs on stage for a few numbers every night and it’s quite fun. They cover “When the night comes falling” which is a Bob Dylan song covered by The Jeff Healey Band in Roadhouse - which is a very convoluted way to get to a Bob Dylan song but we’ve really been giving it a good kicking and totally underrated Robert Zimmerman tune.  

And the Jakku Dogs have been joining me for “No Expectations” as well and we did a pretty sweet version of it tonight.  

After the show I find myself talking to a bloke sitting there who, between my having a hard time hearing him in a loud bar, his British accent and him being drunk - let’s just say I was getting about every third word but I can tell you:  

He watches “Big Brother”.  
Someone on that show recorded a song  
His actual brother was most likely involved with the recording of that song.  
I am a very good performer.  
You need a gimmick to make a million pounds.  
I need a gimmick.  
The girl on Big Brother was a git. (what is a ‘git’?)  

That is the extreme Reader’s Digest condensed version of our conversation.  

After the show it was toast and tea for Pete and I and that’s how we rock and roll in Cornwall.  


Tour Diary Day 3, May 26, 2017   

I lied.    

Nothing big but I brought more socks and underwear on tour then I let on.  There’s the set I was wearing and then the emergency set in my carry on so all told I have 7 pair of underwear and 8 pair of socks.    

Why is this important?  

Because today was a NEW SOCKS DAY!  (NSD™)  It’s like pillows for my feet walking around in brand new socks and underwear.  

And a good thing too - I did a bit of walking.  Not “a bit of walking” in the Roman sense* but I probably walked a couple of miles today, down to the bridge and hit a bakery to get a traditional Cornish Pasty.** It was a butter chicken pasty and delicious.  I sat in the shade by the IK Brunel monument and read about the bridge he designed that was a technological wonder of it’s time and connected Cornwall to the rest of England.  I ate a cookie too.  

Then I walked out on the big main bridge to look over at the IK Brunel bridge in all it’s wonder.  It really must have been amazing to see this thing get built in 1859!  

I made my way back up Fore Street towards St. Stephens Road and peaked in at a couple of little shops, found a present for Tracy and a card for me mum and chatted with the locals. By the monument for Major General Sir William Penn Symons K.C.B. of Hatt - I had a nice chat with an older lady walking her sons dog.  She had been in San Francisco recently and went on a cruise through the Panama Canal.  “They must’ve really loved this General Symons of Hatt, because Hatt is a town with one street light now, there mustn’t have been anything there in 1899.” We speculated over what war would’ve been going on in 1899 for him to have been killed in but we couldn’t figure it out.  

As I walked along St. Stephens road I found myself listening in at this garage, they were in there working on cars and the music that was coming out of the garage - Burt Bacharach!  How positively British!*** I felt like I wasn’t of my own time for a moment.  

I got back just in time for some afternoon tea with Annalisa and I made some toast with some nice multi grain bread I picked up at one of the bakeries downtown.****    
Tonght we’re playing in a school gymnasium, it’s all set up with a nice stage and kids climbing the walls (literally, it was a climbing wall!) and Peter’s band Jakku Dogs is playing and bringing the PA.  Jim plays the cajon and Phil plays bass. Nice guys too. We rehearse a couple of songs that I’m going to join them on and we sound pretty good.  I forget how much I like being a sideman, just playing guitar is SO easy!  Make it loud here, make it quiet here.  Originally it was my plan to be the sideman in someone else’s band but I had songs to sing so I morphed into this other thing. It’s interesting, when I do the sideman thing it feels like putting on an old pair of boots that fit really well, you sway side to side and everything feels familiar.    

The show is sparsely attended. I actually blame the nice weather on this one. We’re in the U.K. and it’s sunny and in the 70’s and absolutely beautiful out - I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to come be inside on this lovely night.    

I played first tonight and had an ok set. I used my looper pedal and my foot stomp making more sound than just me. Something you have to re-get-used-to when coming to Europe to play is when people sit and listen - you don’t have to bang them over the head with your music. It’s a holdover from playing in the states where you have to setting yourself on fire every 10 seconds to avoid folks getting bored. Tonight folks were sitting and listening and I found myself hurrying through the breaks to make sure I got to the next song quickly but they were listening to the stories and the tunes.  It is a very different atmosphere.    

The Jakku Dogs are great and Peter writes really catchy songs with beautiful parts, I wish we had more time to record stuff and work together.  I can hear what they’re doing and the producer in me wants to record and mix.    

After the show we came back to the flat, I bought a bottle of wine and Peter got some cheese, meats and crackers and we had a great hang in the back patio and even saw the International Space Station go by.*****  

I’m truly sleepy tonight and hoping most of the jetlag is worn off as we have two shows tomorrow.    

Word is the rain is coming back to Cornwall this weekend.  

*No, not Romans.  Roman.  My friend in Vienna.  That dude walks everywhere!  Shit it is 83 steps up to his apartment!  

**It’s a meat pastry that was originally made for the miners that worked the tin mines of Cornwall. It was made with a big crust so they could eat with their dirty hands and not get the part they are eating dirty.  

***I know Burt Bacharach isn’t British but his music sure does fit.  

****Thanks Deja for the toast tongs!  Used them for the first time today.  

*****No really, I took my phone out and with SkyView app - we tracked it!

Tour Diary Day 2, May 25, 2017  

I slept for 11 hours last night.   

I’m staying in Saltash with Peter and Annalisa Crawford. I met Peter on a Songs & Whispers tour a few years back and we’ve stayed in touch through the wonders of the interwebs and they are really lovely people. He has set up all the shows here in the Cornwall area.   

I felt bad sleeping so long today but they were really understanding and kept the dog and cat out of the room I’m staying in. It’s an air mattress bed but I could’ve been sleeping on stone last night and not noticed at all. 

When I did finally wake up (at half past one) I took a little walk downtown.  Annalisa gave me some directions, “I grew up here and me and my best friend used to try to get lost walking around and we never could.” Challenge accepted! 

Walking around while not carrying a heavy backpack, suitcase and guitar feels so light, I feel I could walk anywhere today but settle for a ½ mile stroll downtown. Downtown Saltash has nice little shops, butcher shop and bakery and I ended up at Petit Pain, a nice little sandwich shop with one lady working and talking to a friend and one older gent in back making the food. 

“You eating here or take away?” 

“Eating here.” 

“Well sit down, the menus are on the table.” 

There’s a nice selection of sandwiches and so; 

“Can I have the chicken curry baguette?”   

“We’re all out of the chicken curry.” 

“Can I have the chicken salad?” 

“We’re all out of that too.” 

“How about the chicken and stuffing?” 

“We’re all out of that.” 

This goes on for a couple more things I tried ordering. 

“What chicken do you have left?” 

“Coronation Chicken.”* 

“I’ll have that.” 

Coronation chicken is chicken in a curry mayonnaise sauce on baguette and it was delicious for less than 6 pounds.   

As I’m walking back to the flat I hear a horn beep and it’s Peter on his way home, perfect timing! 

We have a nice sit down in his back patio area with their dog R2 and cat Dylan until it’s time to head to Plymouth for the show. 

Tonight’s show is at Bar Rakuda and it’s right along the water in Plymouth, we pass boats that are moored up and it’s a nice touristy type area with shops and bars that would remind you a lot of Rockport, MA mixed with a little bit of Hampton Beach, NH. Pete takes me over to a place that has “award winning” fish n chips. I’m not going to lie, it was very good. I’ve had better chips but the fish was excellent. I would’ve taken a picture but I needed both hands to eat it.  We walk over to this area to eat and it turns out we’re standing at the place where the Pilgrims took off from in 1620. How about that! We joke about how they felt persecuted for practicing their religion so they left England to go practice in the new world and persecute others. Makes sense right?** 

The stage area for tonight’s show isn’t ideal, it’s a small area in the center of what is probably the “summer” bar.  Not a lot of dancing room and the speakers all face out but shockingly it still sounded good on stage. The cobblestone and old buildings providing just the right amount of bounce back and reverb. 

Peter goes on first and he has an exceptionally easy voice to listen to, writes great songs and his cover selection takes me off guard - The Dobie Gray was excellent but I really was not expecting him to play Britney Spears!   

Now the weather has been absolutely fantastic all day, it’s in the low 60’s but there is a bit of a breeze blowing. It’s not like a New England breeze that chills you to the bone but it’s still brisk and unrelenting. Bar Rakuda has what you might consider a “mayor” or “man about the bar” or a “consigliere” . His name is Colin and he’s always checking on everyone there, he sees a girl in a short skirt he’s right there with a blanket for her to cover up. He’s busy doing this tonight. He comes over to me: 

“Do you need a beer?” 

“No thanks.” 

“Shot?  Jamesons?” 

“No, really I’m good. It’s a bit cold.” 

“Would you like a pot of tea?” 

“Yes, I would love that.” 

“Would you like a biscuit as well?” 

“Of course!” 

That’s what kind of rock star I am.  Now before you get all over my case for turning down beer and Jamesons - remember, this is the first night of my tour - I have 60 shows in the next 70 days.  This is a marathon not a sprint. 

I will happily call this the “Tea & Biscuits Tour 2017” 

Apparently the weather is not always this lovely in Plymouth and it’s brought a bunch of folks out on this Thursday night and the group right in front of the stage is calling out requests left and right.  When Peter plays “Hit me baby one more time” by Britney Spears they go crazy and sing along.   

I don’t have a Britney Spears cover in my pocket. I have no intention of ever having a Britney Spears cover in my pocket. That’s not a diss on anyone who does - it takes a special talent to cover a song like that and do it well. Peter does that. I don’t play any Beatles covers either - I have tried a few and I’m doing them more of a favor by NOT playing them!   

The girls come over and ask for a few covers. 

“Do you know any Ariana Grande?” 

“Sorry, no.” 

“Really you don’t?” 

It’s a weird thing when folks ask for covers like that. I’m never quite sure how to take it because I know that I have my own sound and I’m not being pretentious when I say that I do what I do pretty well and there isn’t anything in there that would suggest that I could pull off a Ariana Grande or an Adele song with any decency. 

“Well, what do you know?” 

“I know a lot of Replacements songs.” 


“I know some REM.” 

“Oh, I love REM - what do you know?” 

“Driver 8, Feeling Gravity’s Pull, Begin the Begin, So.Central Rain, Gardening at Night, One I Love.” 

“What are those?” 

“They are REM songs.” 

“They are?” 

So I return to the regularly scheduled program and they seem to like it.   

Pete and I finish up with a few songs together and it’s a fun end to the evening. 

Same girl comes up to me to tell me how much she enjoyed the show. 

“You guys are great performers.” 

“Thank you very much.” 

“Did you write any of those songs?” 

“I wrote most of those songs that I played.” 

“Really? They were good - and catchy!” 

“Thank you.” 

“It must be hard when people just want to hear the songs they know.” 

“I’m trying to get my songs to be the ones people ask for.” 

“You will get there, I didn’t realize you were playing your own songs.” 

“I’m here on tour promoting my new album.” 

“You have an album?” 

“Actually I have about 9 of them.” 

“No, really?  You’re very good.” 

Thank you Plymouth, goodnight. 

*This dish was invented for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  There’s some food history for ya! 
**Man, those Pilgrims must have been the worst at parties! Ha! 


The whole thing is held together by the unobtrusive singing of the sympathetic artist, who feels comfortable with this multi-faceted mixture of country rock, and roots. Singer / Songwriter-Americana, who does not need a Plan B.”

Country Jukebox (translated from the German)

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Me on Cape Cod.  Pic by John DeSalvo.

Me on Cape Cod. Pic by John DeSalvo.

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Publishing: Budde Music
Booking U.S.A - bobbo at
Booking Europe - Arne at Songs&Whispers 

MANAGEMENT and all other inquiries:
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Motel Americana: Bobbo Byrnes

Motel Americana: Bobbo Byrnes

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