Tour Diary Day 5, May 28, 2017 

I should’ve started this earlier, I’m beat tired and so much good stuff happened today. 

Now I know Pete woke me up early this morning (10 am) but I can’t remember why. We did something today, was it today that we worked on recording stuff? I think it was. Pete’s band, Jakku Dogs, is working on a new recording and we dove into some of the tracks and it really makes me feel useful to be able to assist with mixing and give some recording tips. Recording and mixing are one of those things that I feel that no matter how much you know - there’s always room to learn more. 

I’m also looking forward to getting to Bremen and into that studio because Peter has tracks there waiting for me to start mixing! 

Most of mid-day today was spent watching Pete cook. There should really be a cooking show on his Sunday roast - FOR REAL. I was really upset that I wasn’t prepared to do a cooking video because Pete’s Sunday roast starts on Saturday night in a slow cooker, then today was peeled backed potatoes, carrots, parsnips, mushrooms, stuffing, gravy, salad and wine! (see pic) 

It was - for real - one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Did you know parsnips taste good? Neither did I. I tried to explain to Connor and Oliver that their Dad’s cooking was really great and they should learn from him because I wasn’t able to learn cooking from my Mom at all - all I learned how to do was to how to burn frozen vegetables! 

After Sunday dinner we headed over to Callington - which would be the furthest into Cornwall I am going to go. The road was small and winding with a large hedgerow and I don’t think I fully understood what a hedgerow was until today. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it but we just don’t see those things in the states - shit, this hedgerow was probably older than the United States!* 

Tonight we were playing the Village Hall in Callington and it’s a beautiful hall with a stage and lights and excellent sound (provided by Jim on the drums) 

Tonight’s show was also recorded by Peter’s son Conner who is going to University next year for film - and extra care was taken to make sure we were lit up right and the multi camera shoot and everything. So that’s awesome. 

And the show was great, real listening audience and I kept my set a little more subdued tonight as the acoustics were really pretty and I was enjoying listening to the room. When I played the harmonica I got way back off the mic and could just hear it in the space and enjoyed it. 

We played some more songs together tonight and I’m going to miss jamming with these guys. I can’t thank them all enough for having me and putting on these shows and playing together. Look up - there’s music there and links to the Jakku Dogs as well. 

I have more to say and more to tell but I am fully exhausted and have to catch a train to Cheltenham in the morning and I am still not saying the name of that town correctly. (Appartently, you skip the middle ‘enh’) Oh, but that reminds me! I was playing a fun game with them about town names and my friends in California - none of them can say “Billerica”, “Tewksbury”, “Chelmsford”, “Gloucester” or “Worcester” correctly but everyone of the Crawford’s was able to nail them. Annalisa stumbled on “Billerica” for a second but then got it. 

Fun with names and accents. 

Really, so much more to tell but can’t keep my eyes open. Thank you so much Peter and Annalisa for having me in your home and making Cornwall, and more specifically - Saltash, such a wonderful place to visit and play music. I already can’t wait to come back. 

*it was.

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