September 1, 2016


Just checking in.  I think I kicked the jet lag of 9 time zones from SoCal to Germany.  Lots of sleep and wine, hanging out with my new flat mate Ben Hanna.  He's a singer songwriter, originally from MI (but he's not a Upper!) and really cool guy.  I will include a link soon so you can hear his stuff.

I got my first review of "Motel Americana" yesterday and I'm pretty stoked on it.  You can read it here:

I'm reviewed right after the Lost Boys' Keifer Sutherland review.  If I was him I'd name all my songs and albums after my movies.  "Thanks folks, this next song is about the one that got away - it's called 'Flat-Liners'."  Oh, man, I"m cracking myself up thinking about the song potential here!  Remake Duran Duran's "wild boys" as "Lost Boys"!!!  Awesome.


I'm heading to Berlin today for a pair of shows in that beautiful city.  If you're around come say hi.  Details are in the "shows" thing below.


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