October 17th


That's German for good day, good morning or something.  Like all things - it's very similar but still quite different.   

We're still a couple weeks away from being back in the states but I wanted to stop in and say hello.   

I've been here touring since the end of August supporting my solo album "Motel Americana" and Tracy flew over the end of September and we met up with our buddy Ben Riddle (creating the pseudo Wonder Twin Power form of Riddle & The Stars) and we've been all over playing shows.   

I thought it would be nice to not be in the U.S. during the run up to this election but everyone here wants to talk about it.  I had an hour long radio show and interview in Chemnitz, Germany that was 25% about the Presidential election.  It puts you in an interesting place when you're in a foreign country and are asked to speak for and represent your fellow Americans.   

Oh, and remember that link I sent you about voting for our song "Hold Me" for Song of the Year?  Well, interestingly - I got an email on my facebook page from someone in Serbia guaranteeing me all the winning votes I would need for just $300.*  I was obviously disturbed by this and kept pressing them for more information about themselves and then gave the info to the folks at The Miews who run the contest. To their credit they are looking into it and have had some issues with folks and cheating/voting going on.  He said to me that they just wanted to do something good to support Indie music and they've had to deal with all kinds of crap.  So the voting aspect of it may go away entirely.   

If you're reading this and are in Europe - we still have a bunch of shows left including Immanuel Church this week and Club Moments on Sunday.   

And if you're in the US of A - here's a quick breakdown of what's going on in the next month(s). 

Wednesday, Nov 2 
The Pasta Loft  
Milford, NH 
w/ Morgan Keating 

Wednesday, Nov 16 
Barley House 
Dallas, TX 
w/ Professor Fuzz (Mike Farmer)  and Ronnie Fauss! 

Saturday, Nov 19 
College Radio Days 
Long Beach, CA. (More info soon) 

Monday, Nov 21 
Americana Mondays at @beatnik Bandito Music Emporium 
Santa Ana, CA 
w/ Patty Booker and Deja Nichole 

Saturday, Dec 3 
Gram Parsons Birthday Celebration (GramFest) 
Don the Beachcombers 
Huntington Beach, CA 

Sunday, Dec 4 
Courtney Chambers Live Album recording 
(Tracy and I will be opening up for CC and this will be at our studio) 
Costa Mesa, CA 

And then I think we're off until January when I will be scheduling a cd release show locally for "Motel Americana" and it will be released worldwide on Songs & Whispers Records in January of 2017.   

I think that's all that's going on.  I am keeping a really fun tour diary on my personal FB page at www.facebook.com/BobboByrnes if you feel like following along.   

Ok, it's almost 3 am here in Bremen, Germany.  Time for bed.   

Bis Spater. 

~Bobbo, Tracy and Ben. 

*The person who guaranteed votes even went ahead and got me 50 votes as a show of good faith that she could easily do this.  I of course told the folks at Miews to not count the last 50 votes I got.  

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