Metronome Magazine, July 2017

"Singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Bobbo Byrnes of The Fallen Stars and Riddle & The stars delivers plain spoken, heart felt tales of love, life and day to day existence in his new CD release Motel Americana with remarkable clarity. He’s the man you meet at the small town lunch counter that freely shares his colorful stories of this and that. Only difference is, Bobbo puts his earthy stories to music for all the world to hear much like Steve Earle and Willie Nelson have over the years. 

Motel Americana features a familiar cast of players that have appeared on past Byrnes recordings that include singer-bassist Tracy Byrnes, singer Ben Riddle, cajon kit player Matt Froehlich, drummer Brandon Allen, violinist Geo Hennessey, B3 organist Rami Jaffee and slide guitarist Travis King, all who bring their respective gifts to this well crafted project. 

Songs of particular note include the pensive “To Her Door,” the radio friendly (and our favorite) “APB,” the reflective “Hate This Town,” the resonator fueled centerpiece “Millsboro,” and the raucous electric Americana rocker “1, 2, 3.”  Motel Americana is a well conceived album worthy of repeated listening. Good stuff!"

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