June 17, 2019

Tour Diary - June 17, 2019 

Sometimes the details of touring are exceptionally boring. I did two loads of laundry today. There is a washer in the basement of the flat I’m staying in, it’s very small so it did not take much to fill it plus I washed my towels and pillow case. I always travel with my own pillow case so it can double as a laundry bag and then laundry can be a pillow if needed. 

Super exciting huh? 

Then I went to the S&W office to pick up some stuff I had delivered to me here and tell them that I can’t do the Bamberg show. Looking at google maps, traffic, drive time and what-not, it just doesn’t make sense to drive 6.5 hours there and then 7.5 hours back in the same day for €100 - it will cost more than that in gas! If I was a truck driver, I would be forced by law to pull over and sleep with that much driving. It’s roughly 1100 km or 685 miles. I’m all for driving and doing shows but this one is too much. I don’t like canceling things but I also don’t like the idea of crashing on the autobahn. 

I played a wine bar tonight in downtown Gröpelingen! It was a really upscale wine bar right across from Zum Faß. (a bar I have played in the past that is the opposite of upscale) They ask me what kind of wine I like and I tell them when it’s hot, I like dry white wine and after I play I would like some red wine and just like that there is a glass of white wine in my hand and we are hanging out on the sidewalk drinking wine all classy AF. 

The room is small, there’s room for about 15 people and while I was playing I think there was 10 people here. I didn’t need to set up a PA or anything and it’s one of my favorite types of shows because of just how stripped down it is. No electric anything, just voice, wood and steel strings. 

Petra has brought a setlist for me to play tonight* and it’s extensive. There’s two Riddle & The Stars songs on there (I can sing one of them), there’s some stuff from my EP as well as a couple of songs I haven’t played yet on this tour. 

I set up my guitars behind me and put Petra’s setlist to my left. I figure I’ll do one from her list, one from my brain, one from her list, one from my brain and so on. It actually works out pretty well as it keeps me on my toes and doesn’t allow me to group things the way I normally do and I play more of my catalog - which is really nice. It’s very easy to smooth a set down to comfortable favorites that you forget about other songs. She has jumped in and reminded me and it’s good. 

The APB sing along is a bit rougher tonight and they need some coaxing to participate but it does happen. I don’t give up on it and they pull thru in the end. It’s a very reserved audience. I even play a few songs sitting down!** 

After the show I have a nice glass of red and there’s some locally made chocolate truffles and they go very well together. I even buy a bottle of the red that I’ll save for some moment later on during the tour when I’m not by myself. I suppose I’m capable of drinking a whole bottle of wine by myself but I really don’t want to. 

It’s 1 am. I’m off to sleep. See you tomorrow. 

*It’s even laminated! 
**Only a couple as it felt like it made them more intimate but then I was standing again after that.

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