June 16, 2019

Tour Diary - June 16, 2019 

Seven thirty in the morning is not exceptionally early as far as the world is concerned but to a traveling musician it might as well be 5 am. 

They started throwing things in the dumpster at seven thirty this morning. There’s work being done on this street, housing construction type stuff. I can’t tell if it’s people going thru the dumpster or workers throwing more stuff in but it’s loud and it stops abruptly at 8 am. It’s a confusing thought to someone not doing the construction - why did this part of the job have to be done first thing and then the quiet stuff after that? These are German construction workers, can’t they organize their time better than this? 


Last night at Hart Backboard was a fantastic show. It’s a smallish room with big blown up black and white photographs showing dock workers, guys on boats and working the grain elevator, a perfect environment for my song Millsboro! It’s a working man’s bar and today I recognize almost every face in here and at one point or another I catch every person singing along to a different song of mine. 

Emily Davis goes on first and sounds amazing. This is the first show we’ve shared and I’ve listened to her online but this is the first live show I’ve heard and she’s got amazing range, great songs and stories. Emily has a strong, smooth voice like a stone that’s been polished in the river and it holds you in the current of whirlpools before letting you float downstream. She uses my guitar tonight because the battery is dead in her guitar and it’s quite nice to hear my guitar from out front. It’s an odd thing to say that you don’t really know what your own instrument sounds like because you never hear it from this perspective and it’s a good one. 

I start my set with “Mrs What’s His Name” and it’s a song that I’ve really grown to love. The twelve string jangle of it and simple, straightforwardness of the lyric, I really think I got this one right. I’m talking about my new album and mention how Kyrie Anderson played drums on it, Emily reminds me that Kyrie plays drums with her back in Adelaide. I don’t think I put that together until this moment and the circles keep getting smaller. 

I’m two songs into my set when I hear Travis yell out for “APB” and someone else say “don’t worry he’ll play it.” At least that’s what it sounded like the other person said to me. When it’s time to play “APB” I ask if everyone knows what it means and everyone does. There’s no teaching this room how to sing the part - they already know. I promised to sing it for Petra tonight and before I start I can see her cell phone out and recording it. In the middle of the song where I try to insert the name of the bar I am currently in - my mind goes blank - where am I? I stop the song and ask. Oh, yeah. Hart Backbord. I knew those were the words but the name is constructed in a way as to not let me remember it. 

I don’t remember much else from the set as it went by so fast but when I played “The Sea” and tried to use my looping pedal and it totally freaked out on me - I remember that. Apparently when the batteries are going dead in this pedal it will create a wash of colliding sounds like someone grabbing all the crayons at once and trying to write their name. 

Before the show started Barbara came over to me to tell me she loves singing along with my cds in her car, I asked her which song she liked the most and I will play it tonight and she can’t remember any song titles after the show she comes up and says “Angelia” that’s the one. I’m glad I played it. 

Petra is a huge fan, not just of me but of all music. She’s planning a trip to Nashville this coming year and I’ve been suggesting places for her to go to and tonight she has asked if she could take Emily and I to dinner after the show to her favorite restaurant. That sounds great as I was just planning on having doner. And off we go to Renior. It’s a nice place and I order the pork medallions with mushroom gravy and potatoes and Emily orders whatever isn’t cooked with dairy products. It’s great conversation and a fantastic end to my first week here in Germany. 

Thank you, goodnight. 

#TravelsWithBobboSummer2019 (thank you Kristen)

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