June 14, 2019

Tour Diary - June 14, 2019 

Had a super exciting day. After I got home this morning and wrote yesterday’s tour diary I thought to myself - “maybe just lie down for a few and make sure you’re over the jetlag”. 

At what point is it no longer a nap? Six hours later I woke up. I had a 1 pm meeting with Heiko at the office that I not only missed but slept past by and two and a half hours. These thing happen. 

I did get up in time to hear Emily Davis arrive. I don’t know what it is with me being booked with folks from Adelaide, Australia - I’ve never been there but it’s starting to feel like a sister city to wherever I’m from. We talked Aussie friends and I even learned MORE about Aussie Rules Football like how the Adelaide Crows are kind of like the Manchester United or Dallas Cowboys of the ARF world. But the Port Adelaide Power are like the lunchpail stalwarts of that league and I should put my allegiance behind them. My friend Kyrie Anderson* is a huge Crows fan and finding out that they are the primadonna’s of the Aussie football world gives me such insight into how to give her shit from now on.** 

What was I talking about? Emily! That’s right too. So we meet and it’s cool, lots of mutual friends and what-not. I’m looking forward to sharing some shows with her. She heads off to the supermarket and I give her a fiver “the first bottle of Rouge de France is on me!” I gave her a 5, I expect change. 

I’m playing Golden City tonight. I’ve played there a bunch and have had some of my favorite shows ever there. There was a Riddle & The Stars show there a couple of years back that I just thought was one of our best shows ever. It’s down by the waterfront and usually has a bit of traffic from folks wandering by. 

I type the address into my phone, there’s a lot of construction so I’m not sure the best way to get there and I start driving. Seven miles away. That can’t be right. I thought it was just on the other side of Groplingen… Where am I going? I check the address again, I have it right and it’s leading me to the end of this peninsula. 

The whole venue moved. I’m so confused. I walk up to the door, this can’t be right. I see the familiar sign and then I see my poster hanging up. Ok. This is the right place. It’s one of those moments of cognitive dissonance where you know you’ve been a place but this clearly is not the place I’ve been before. 

I see the face behind the bar and I know him and he says “Bobbo!” and I know I’m in the right place. “You moved?” And he looks at me surprised, apparently this happened sometime in the past year and I just missed them memo as I played the other location just last year. I’m not the one who is crazy. 

I’m loading in and Momo the dog comes up and starts nuzzling me for some pats. She has one of those service dog type vests on but instead of “service” it says “security”. She’s the security of this venue and she’s all kisses and loving. 

More familiar faces are arriving and I see Petra. She gave me chocolate and beer the other night and requested “Long way to Nashville” and I hadn’t played it since the last time she requested it (last year? Two years ago?) and I promised her that I would play at the next show she came to. I pick up my guitar and go outside to a far off corner to remember how to play it because I clearly didn’t get time to do it previous to now. The chords come easy but the first line is escaping me, I play through the song and remember most of it and am now trusting that my brain will fill in the gaps when I do it for real. Turning to go inside I’m greeted by a bunch of people clapping for me. I didn’t realize folks outside were listening and I’m pleasantly surprised by this. 

Guitar Geek Stuff: I didn’t get to find an allen wrench for the twelve string neck adjustment so instead I remove all the strings, lift the bridge saddle out and put a paper shim under the piezo element to raise the action a tiny bit. It does the trick for the most part. 

Setlist done, hanging out, eating some freakadella (no idea how to spell it but it’s a German meatball) and am ready. I’ve been trying something with the electric guitar and plugging the output of the amp into the PA so it still sounds like an electric guitar but is coming thru the PA like an acoustic - it’s a different texture and I think it’s working nicely. 

I now discover that I can’t play “Part time cowboy” and “Massachusetts” back to back because there’s a guitar intro part that, while in different keys, is a very similar guitar lick. It’s similar enough that if I was John Fogerty, my record label would sue me for sounding like myself.*** I get a request for “The Sea”. And Heike says she really likes “Double Down” which I have to explain what it means - I forget that not everyone has seen “Swingers”.**** Or ever heard of the Jukebox Junkies.***** 

Man, I am all over the place tonight. Maybe too much sleep and all my synapsis are functioning properly. 

I finish up my second set and I ask if there are any requests and I get “APB!!” How could I forget APB? Tonight I sing it to Kevin. I met Kevin a few years ago and he has since brought his mother to come see me, has a necklace with my guitar pick inside, shared his favorite drink with me (frangelico) and today he brought me a present - a t-shirt with a picture of a piece of toast and a piece of cheese holding hands. It’s so sweet and I can’t wait to wear it. Sometimes I wonder if my whole toast thing has gotten out of hand and I don’t know what the illogical conclusion to it might be but it keeps surprising me and it’s wonderful. This summer, Kevin is walking the Carmino de Santiago in Spain. 900 km by foot. Last year it was a month working on a tall ship in the North Sea. Next year I expect he’ll be on surfari or in the Himalayas. 

It’s a good night and I end rocking and am thinking that I need some new stories to tell these folks because they are going to know all my stories very soon and then I will have exhausted all my charm. 

Off to write more songs and stories. 


*Kyrie is a drummer from Adelaide that I met when she was touring with Kaurna Cronin and when Kyrie and her boyfriend Django Rowe were staying with us in California I had the two of them play on my new cd. Did you follow that? Ok, good. Moving on. 
**Two years ago the Crows lost in the final. Lost by a lot. And I got a t-shirt here and wrote the score of the game on the front of the shirt for when I would see her. I put it on and she came up to give me a hug and stopped and looked at my shirt and just yelled “what the fuck is that shit?” Good times. 
***Ok, that one might be too obscure for most folks but here’s what happened: John Fogerty, songwriter for Creedence Clearwater Revival, made a solo album. Because of evil record company people - he didn’t own the rights to all of CCR’s big hits, his old record label owned the songs. So when he made a new album, his old record label sued him for sounding too much like his music that they owned. Ah, the music business. 
****You’re so money you don’t even realize how money you are! 
*****This one may be more obscure. The Jukebox Junkies were this fantastic band I used to go see and they had a song called “seven on the line” where they sing “double down, seven on the line.” and after hearing it decided to write my song “double down”. Seven on the line may be my favorite song about gambling because it also has the line “You could walk away a winner if you could only walk away.” 


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