July 31, 2016

Hey, so like this is the home of me and my solo career? 

Solo career?  Who are you?  What have you done with The Fallen Stars? 

Alright - so yeah.  The Fallen Stars is *my* band, well it's me and Tracy.  And Brandon Allen plays drums and sometimes Matt Froehlich plays the cajon kit and sometimes when we're back east Jimmy plays drums or when we're in Europe Julian plays drums.  And yeah, when we tour with our friend Ben Riddle we morph into Riddle & The Stars so there's that too. 

ANYHOW - TFS still exists.  Ain't going away.  But I do tour and play shows on my own so I started this page to reflect that.   

It's really not that complicated.   

If you are looking for The Fallen Stars, click the words or Riddle & The Stars here.

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