July 3-4, 2019

Tour Diary - July 3-4, 2019 

July 3 ~ 

I’m heading to Hannover with two shows, one in a record shop and one in a club I’ve never been to. I typically play a place called Kulturpalast in…


July 1, 2019

Tour Diary - July 1, 2019 

I have to re-do my car rental today. Devotees to the tour diary may remember that last year I scratched a car and ended up losing a bunch of money because credit cards…


June 29-30

Tour Diary - June 29-30 

Heat has hit Northern Germany, I’ve been thru 5 shirts and 4 showers in 2 days. Today’s tour diary is going to be a combination of gratitude and bitch fest. 

I had a…


June 28, 2019

Tour Diary - June 28, 2019 

Today starts with sending emails and WeTransfer of files to Poland and getting more cd duplication going. I also found out yesterday that I’m owed back royalties that I’m going to have to…


June 26-27

Tour Diary - June 26-27 

I’m a day behind. I can’t let it go further than that. 

Wednesday I finish up hopefully the last bits of paperwork for the release of The Red Wheelbarrow, got the barcode to…


June 24, 2019

Tour Diary - June 25, 2019 

Set my alarm this morning for 9 am so I could be at rehearsal by 10 am.  Sam and Niklas are two fantastic musicians that for some reason enjoy slumming around with me…


June 24, 2019

Tour Diary - June 24, 2019 

This is my 5th time playing on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and never the same place twice. I remember one place wanted us to stand on the bar. Another time it was during…


June 23, 2019

Tour Diary - June 23, 2019 

Say what you will about Wolfmother, dude can play ping pong - but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Today I’m playing another show with Emily and Tori at a small pub/restaurant on…


June 22, 2019

Tour Diary - June 22, 2019 

I don’t know what the hell the medicine is that I took but it’s doing the trick. It kind of tastes and smells like Jagermeister and is called Iberogast and it’s really working…


June 21, 2019

Tour Diary - June 21, 2019 

Not all days are winners. 

I restrung my guitar, ran to the shop to get some food came home and made spaghetti that was left over and it tasted so good I…


June 20, 2019

Tour Diary - June 20, 2019 

I am literally trying to remember what I did today and can’t. 

I mean, I remember eating breakfast and having the new Susskaroffel bread for toast (delicious) and I had a cup…


June 18-19, 2019

Tour Diary - June 17-18, 2019 

At around noontime yesterday I met up with Ben and we talked briefly and I knew then that I was not going to be writing a tour diary last night. 

Ben and…